New Showcase Reviews

  1. Michael_W
    "Close, Smooth Shave"
    I tried this blade out in my Weishi-9306-vs-Merkur-34c experiment, and I have to say I received a close, comfortable shave with these. They don't give much audio feedback though, but that might be because my lather was particularly slick and I... View Full Review
  2. Sibi
    "Not the sharpest blades"
    Bought them with Muhle open comb razor. Recommended by the sales person. Used them with three razors, Merkur adjustable, Edwin Jagger closed comb and the latest purchase Muhle open comb razors. I have been using feathers mostly for last three... View Full Review
  3. nelsonic21
    "Gillette oddity"
    These black tip Superspeeds were made with aluminum or steel handles instead of brass due to war shortages and the razor suffers due to this. The regular Superspeeds are great daily drivers and highlight the craftsmanship of the time. The... View Full Review
  4. Rhinehoth
    "Scraping the bottom of the barrel"
    They tug, they are not very sharp and are just plain awful. Using better quality soaps or creams (SMN,, Esbjerg, Nuavia, MWF, MDC, etc) didn’t alter my shaving experience with these blades. Well okay, maybe the shaves went from awful to... View Full Review
  5. 2muchcoffeeman
    "My first and only"
    The EJ DE86 was my entry to DE shaving nearly four years ago, and to date I haven't found a reason to replace it. Is it aggressive? Is it mild? I have no idea; I've not tried other shavers to compare. Some disparage 3-piecers, but I like having... View Full Review
  6. Michael_W
    "I Fear These."
    When I first got my Van der Hagen-Weishis, I bought a 10-pack of these blades for a dollar even. I don't know if I got a bad pack or if it was only the one I tried out of the container, but I ended up nicking myself all over with these and my... View Full Review
  7. Michael_W
    "Merkur 34c = Awesome!"
    I sent away for this from Amazon and got it Christmas Eve morning. Naturally, I couldn't wait to use it, so I immediately took it upstairs to the bathroom, applied some castor oil to my face, lathered up my brush and applied my shaving cream,... View Full Review
  8. emwolf
    "they're everywhere!"
    This is the one touch and Van Der Hagen razor and they're not bad. You can usually find them for about $10, but I wouldn't pay much more than that. I've seen them for twice that and I don't think I'd bite at that price. They work okay, I've had... View Full Review
  9. emwolf
    "one of my favorite TTO razors"
    I wish these were as plentiful as the techs that are all over the place. Still, I was able pick one up in excellent condition for around $30 shipped. The razor has heft which lends to a better balance for me. It's the notched bar, which I find... View Full Review
  10. emwolf
    "Great razor for the price"
    Great razor for those that like a longer handle ( like me). I've had very good luck with Parker razor quality and this was no exception. A bit on the mild side, but patience and care still delivers a great shave. It's a heavier razor which, for... View Full Review