Razor rotation. Which razors have you used the last 5 shaves?

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Gents, I switch razors almost daily and have started mapping which razors I use. Going to be fun to see after a year which ones I actually use the most and which ones maybe could be sold because they don’t see any use at all... Is this really OCD or do you do that too? - And which razors have you used the last 5 shaves? I’ll go first: Gillette Aristocrat 3rd generation Gillette Hybrid Tech Eclipse Red Ring Darwin Original Gillette Aristocrat 1st generation Looking forward to see your...

Who taught you?

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Several of the threads I’ve participated on have raised my curiosity regarding how shaving knowledge was passed on before there were Internet forums – or before we as individuals had them in our lives. It’s beyond my scope to do a true scientific survey – and besides that, we B&B denizens aren’t quite a random sampling of the shaving population at large, so we can’t generalize too much. Still, I think there’s a chance we (or I, anyway) could learn something, so here goes… For any who...

Deer rifle for a novice hunter

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What up y’all! I’m in the market for a deer rifle. I’ve never gone deer hunting. Well....any type of real hunting for that matter. I’ll likely go deer hunting once per season. Maybe twice. So I don’t want to spend an arm and a leg. I think my budget is $700 or less. Any in that price range worth it? Probably need a scope too? Will be hunting Middle TN landscape. November - January Thanks!

Cornish Game Hens

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Had some hickory left over so I decided to do a couple of hens. Nothing like smoking birds and listening to Buddy Guy and Jeff Beck jammin'. Must be what they refer to as the good life.

Charity Auction Thank you from the National Breast Cancer Foundation

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A heartfelt thank you to everyone here that made this year and every year successful!

News, Sales, and Announcements

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Let's kick this off with a big one. Due to a spill of Midnight Stag aftershave on my Razor shelf, I have a lot of razors that have damaged packaging. I am working on clearancing them all out at 40% off. I am listing them as quickly as I can at Sales / Clearance - https://groomatorium.com/collections/sales-clearance These are mostly fatip, parker, and razorock. I probably have about 500 razors in total that are affected! The razors are new and unused, but may have damaged, scented, or...

Latest Review

  • Omega 31064 Boar Brush
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    Still use it after ten years
    I’m writing this review after ten years of using this brush. So after this long a period, you can imagine I don’t quite remember exactly how...
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