The 2015 Badger and Blade Awards – Travel Accessory

2015 Winner – Travel Accessory

Czech & Speake Traveler Cologne Collection $128


Traveling is a delightful adventure that enlightens the senses and broadens ones view of the world. Few experiences activate the mind and offer such a rapid change in perspective, like exploring foreign lands, learning about new cultures and eating new foods. Foreign travel also offers the delightful affect of highlighting and reflecting on what you are grateful for back home. Even the most hardened traveler will eventually have a pang of homesickness during extended travels.

In these foreign jaunts, it is nice to have a little something that feels like home, and travel toiletries typically don’t match the fine products us picky wetshavers are used to at home. While some faithful wetshavers carry travel shaving brushes and soaps, seldom do they carry a matching travel scent, to what’s worn at home. Sense of smell, is one of our most powerful senses, and few things make you feel more at home then a familiar, comforting fragrance. Fortunately, Czech & Speake has come to rescue us.

Czech & Speake offers their most popular fragrances in portable sizes, which allow you to take a whiff of home along as a travel companion. While to some it may sound trivial, when you embark on journey’s into foreign lands, the ambient smells can be strange, and in some cases overwhelming. If you’ve ever been to Hyderabad India in the height of the summer, with temperatures in the triple digits, and humidity levels close to 100%, you know what I mean.

ta3With the assistance of robust scents like No. 88, Cuba, Neroli and Oxford & Cambridge, you can create your own distortion field and surround yourself with the comforting smell of home, whether you are trudging up a mountain in Africa, scurrying through the bustling streets of India, or hopping into a taxi in Beijing, few things can provide a world traveler with more pleasure than the scent of home.


Scents offered in travel sizes by Czech & Speake range from sweet and delicate Neroli, which fits particularly well in warm climates and high humidity, to Cuba, which is incredibly bold and bright and can fit well in both warm and cold climates. Oxford & Cambridge offers a lovely, refreshing minty lavender, and No. 88 fills the role of the seductive, complex choice for nighttime wear.

With nearly every occasion and mood accounted for in this cologne collection, no serious world traveler should leave home without it. While they may not be your current “home fragrance” there’s no need to worry – after trying them, it’s likely at least one of them will become your new favorite, as they’re some of the best scents available.


  1. Scent
  2. Sturdy/durable reinforced glass bottles
  3. Perfect dosing
  4. Long lasting


  1. Price
  2. Hard to find a place to sample these scents before you purchase them.
  3. Bottles don’t refill themselves 😉

Purchase the Czech & Speake Traveler Cologne Collection here.


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