The 2015 Badger and Blade Awards – Shaving Cream

2015 Winner – Shaving Cream

Castle Forbes $38


Castle Forbes shaving cream is a unique shaving cream in that it isn’t a soft cream, like last years winner, but it’s not quite firm enough to be dubbed a soft soap. It is unique in the land of shaving creams, and its dense consistency is difficult to describe. Fortunately, the quality of lather it produces, and corresponding shave is easy to describe and can be done with a single word. Outstanding.

Castle Forbes shaving creams lather quickly and produces particularly rich and dense foam, which offers unrivaled protection, which comes in handy when you’re using an aggressive razor, like the Feather Artist Club. Loading your brush is also a unique experience, as the cream is dense enough that a “dip and twist” method is not effective unless you have a particularly stout shaving brush, like the Simpson Chubby. For most batches of Castle Forbes shaving creams, you actually need to swirl the wet brush on the cream and lather it like a shaving soap to load the brush, and then transfer it to your face, or a lathering bowl/shaving scuttle to build prodigious lather.

CF2Once lather is built, you’ll notice it feels unique as you apply it to your face. It’s denser and slicker than traditional British creams, which allows you to cut closer with more protection and less irritation.

Not only do Castle Forbes shaving creams provide a superior shave, they’re also accompanied with unique fragrances. Their lime is powerful and sweet, the lavender is the warmest and most substantial on the market, and their Cedar and Sandalwood offers a robust, masculine combo that awakens your day with authority.

CF3While Castle Forbes shaving creams are more expensive than most other top quality European shaving creams like Geo F. Trumper and D.R. Harris, the more concentrated Castle Forbes cream actually lasts much longer, so they actually offer similar value.

Castle Forbes offers some of the best smelling and performing shaving creams on the market, which is why they take the gold this year.

You can purchase Castle Forbes Cedar & Sandalwood Shaving Cream here.


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