2014 Badger & Blade Awards – Double Edge Razors

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At Badger & Blade, we’re fascinated with and inspired by exceptional quality. We expend tireless efforts to find, review and share items that stand out from the pack. The Badger & Blade Awards are designed to recognize products of special significance – those which rise above the rest. The finest products are not mere inanimate objects; rather, they are works of art, tirelessly crafted by artisans and truly distinctive. In that spirit, we are proud to announce the award winner for best in class double edge razor:

Muhle R41 ($65)

The Muhle R41 offers a great mix of quality, ergonomics, and superlative shaving – the latter being the stand out. Incredibly close, yet effortlessly smooth shaves are attained with ease when wielding the R41.

MH3What makes the Muhle R41 most unique, however, is just how fun it is to use. After a pass or two with the R41, your only regret is that you have but one face to shave. As long as the user provides just the slightest bit of proper form, the R41 pays it back in spades with an incredibly close shave, without being harsh, even when loaded with Feather Platinum blades. The open comb design laughs in the face of heavy stubble and offers a closer shave.  

Beautiful in appearance and with near perfect balance, the chrome Muhle R41 offers faultless performance at a compelling price point.

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MH7  MH9

A Muhle R41 can be purchased here.



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