2014 Badger & Blade Awards – Aftershaves

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At Badger & Blade, we’re fascinated with and inspired by exceptional quality. We expend tireless efforts to find, review and share items that stand out from the pack. The Badger & Blade Awards are designed to recognize products of special significance – those which rise above the rest. The finest products are not mere inanimate objects; rather, they are works of art, tirelessly crafted by artisans and truly distinctive. In that spirit, we are proud to announce the award winner for best in class aftershave:

The Gentlemens Refinery ($40)

All natural ingredients, with no parabens or drying alcohols. Allantoin and arginine sooth and repair skin. Shea butter, olive oil, Bio-Plex NMF, glycerin and ODS provide intense moisturizing properties. Xantham and acacia gums seal the skin to lock in the moisturizing and soothing properties, and seal up minor nicks. The perfect combination of product to hit a solid home run. Whether you’ve beat your face up with a razor or you want your skin to look healthy and vibrant, this is the balm for you.

Further improving the experience is the stellar pump bottle. 1 to 1.5 pumps is all that’s needed to quickly dispense the appropriate amount of product with no mess. Its light scent is quick fleeting and inoffensive, making this the perfect balm for daily use as it won’t compete with your cologne or the lingering scent of a strong shaving soap or cream.

For the special weapons and tactics aftershave balm, look no further.

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The Gentlemens Refinery Aftershave Balm can be purchased here.



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