Fragrance Friday: Creed Original Vetiver

Fragrance Friday: Creed Original Vetiver

Released in 2004, Creed Original Vetiver is the remake of a classic Creed fragrance, priced at $185 for 30ml, $305 for 75ml and $370 for 120ml.

The bottle for Creed Original Vetiver is an excellent indication of what’s inside. A light, airy, very green and surprisingly fresh scent, Original Vetiver provides a lasting “just out of the shower” scent, somewhat unique in the realm of fragrance. It’s one of the few fragrances, particularly in the Creed line, that doesn’t broadcast the fact that you’re wearing a scent – as its profile smells more like a particularly aromatic soap, or laundry detergent. The orange, ginger and lime top notes, coupled with the vetiver and sandalwood middle notes seem to loosely mimic that of several brands of laundry detergent. As could be expected, Creed takes this a standard deviation further, with much higher quality, hand blended ingredients – so the slight homage to laundry detergent isn’t such a bad thing, but it is certainly worth noting.

Fragrance Friday: Creed Original Vetiver

Since it is a light, and overwhelmingly fresh scent, it is best suited for the spring and summer – but is acceptable in the winter as well, should you wish to carry the bright “squeaky-clean” scent into the winter. While it doesn’t have strong legs in the cold winter months, and its projection and silage suffer, it still provides that superbly fresh aura for those that are close enough to you, to enter your personal space. In the spring and summer, projection and silage are average, however longevity is quite strong, and easily lasts all day.

Description from Creed’s Website:

True to its name, Original Vetiver dramatically re-invents the traditional vetiver root scent by infusing the verdant leaves of the vetiver grass to freshen the blend. The result? A scent that’s reminiscent of lingering summers in the South of France—and universally rich and green on the wrists of those who wear it.

Top note: Ginger, Mandarin and Italian Bergamot

Middle note: Vetiver from Haiti, Sandalwood from Mysore, Iris from Florence

Base note: Musk and Ambergris

Fragrance Friday: Creed Original Vetiver

The atomizer on this bottle, like all Creed atomizers is a veritable uncorked fire hydrant. One or two sprays provides a sufficient showering that will last all day and well into the night. The bottle is the typical Creed flash, but with a really lovely clear green gradient, that even amongst Creed bottles stands out as particularly handsome.

Fragrance Friday: Creed Original Vetiver

Would I buy it again? No. For me, there is such a thing as too fresh, and it is defined beautifully with one whiff of Creed Original Vetiver. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a lovely scent… but in my opinion a man, a real man’s man shouldn’t smell like fresh linens pulled out of the dryer. The detergent scent is boringly simple, and I find myself tiring of it within minutes of its application. On a really hot day, or worn by a woman, it might be interesting… but for me it’s too fresh, too green, too sweet and too simple. I’ll enjoy the bottle I have, but I imagine it being worn perhaps just a few times a year, if that. If I ever get through this bottle however, I certainly won’t be replacing it.


Creed Original Vetiver

Creed Original Vetiver















                Personal Opinion







                      • Fresh and clean scent.
                      • Inoffensive.
                      • Great in the summers heat.


                      • Poor projection and silage.
                      • Boring.
                      • Boring.
                      • Did I mention boring?


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                      1. It's no favorite of mine either. I think it's worth mentioning that Mugler Cologne is very similar and for $60 to $80 you can get an enormous 10oz bottle.
                        It's no favorite of mine either. I think it's worth mentioning that Mugler Cologne is very similar and for $60 to $80 you can get an enormous 10oz bottle.

                        I find Mugler's Cologne too feminine on me (but great on my wife), whereas the Creed OV is unambigously masculine to my nose.

                        Creed Original Vetiver I like a lot, but I only paid around US$75 for a big bottle of it when I bought it off someone else. i wouldn't be paying the current high prices for it, especially given it's not a very loud scent.


                        As I recall, Luca Turin rather famously reviewed this scent as "Not vetiver" and gave it one star. I pretty much agree with LT, and Joel, although I sure do not always agree with LT about Creed scents. Rudy is correct that the 1948 is a different vetiver altogether. I do not understand why Creed decided to no longer have a real vetiver in its line up, although as I recall C&S is not doing much better. Good review.
                        actually used Creed Vetiver on Monday!

                        grabbed it for a song on an auction way back!

                        Totally enjoyed it!

                        Good match to the vetiver shave soap.

                        Indeed, it's Boring!

                        But, So Am I!

                        A Perfect Match!!

                        ps...Skin Bracer added a little zip!

                        I like it. Very fresh, but the cost is just too exorbitant. Id rather spend my money on a more unique Creed like MI,GIT or Aventus and just use the very similar Mugler cologne.
                        Just real soapy and a little bit of vetiver. Try Guerlain Vetiver (vintage EDC if possible) or Givenchy Vetiver (the better the older). I think there are restrictions on vetiver use now due to allergies.
                        Original Vetiver is really good. I like how it uses the leaves of the vetiver plant to give it a sweet earthy richness to it.

                        Mugler Cologne for 1/4th the price is still a much better deal though.


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