Clubs and Brotherhoods

Official B&B Clubs


Anti-Feather Blades - Join L.O.A.F. League of Anti-Feathers.
Aqua Velva - For Love of Aqua Velva
Arko Soap
- Cult of Arko
Artisan Soap Lovers
- Society of Artisanal Shave Soap - S.A.S.S.
Avon aftershave - A.L.P.H.A. Team is Recruiting Members! (Avon Lovers Perpetually Hunting Avon)
Biotique shave cream- Wow! Biotique shave cream is amazing
Cella Soap
- Cella Fellas?
Clubman - Club Clubman
C.O. Bigelow - New Cult Welcoming Members
Clubman Lilac Vegetal - The Knights of the Veg Table - An Honor Roll Call for the Chosen
Floid Aftershave- FLOID followers Club?
Ginger's Garden - Loyal Order of Ginger's Gardeners - LOGGers
Menthol - New "club" - Frozen Face Freaks!
Myrsol - Announcing B&B's newest Club - Myrsol Aftershaves Devotees or MADMen
Mitchells Wool Fat Soap - The Order of the Fat
Palmolive Soap - Cult of Palmolive
Pinaud - Order of Pinaud
Proraso - Proraso Appreciation Society!
RazoRock -
Shave Soap Sticks - Shave Stick Brotherhood - SSB
Stirling Soap - The Stlrllng Syndicate
Tallow Soap - Announcing the Brotherhood Of Tallow Shave Soaps - BOTSS
Taylor of Old Bond Street - Introducing teamTOBS!
Van Der Hagen Soap - The Van Der Hagan Society
Voskhod Blades - Voskhod Comrades Club
Williams - Williams Institute for Shaving Excellence (WISE)


Aggressive Razors - MIND THE GAP - Club for Aggressive Razor Shavers
Boar Brushes - Brotherhood of the Boar
Gillette Blades - Gillette blade club
Gillette Adjustables - Order of Gillette Adjustables
Gillette New Razor - What is your favorite Gillette NEW?
Gillette Toggle - Toggle lovers Club/TLC
Injector Razors - "Society of Injector Shavers (SISSIES)"
Joris Razors - Joris/Fatip lovers reviews and pics thread!
Kent Brushes- Order of the Kent
Merkur Razors - Alliance of Merkur
Merkur Futur - Merkur Futur Fan Club
Mild Razors - League of Extraordinary Mild Shavers
Modern Man - B.U.M.S. - Brotherhood of Unusual Modern Shavers
Open Comb Razors - Brotherhood of the Open Comb
Rubberset 400 Brushes - The Rubberset 400 Club
Shavette Razors - Shavette And Barber Razor Enthusiast (SABRE) group
Single Edge Razors - Soy un perdedor (Lover Of Single Edge Razors)
Slant Razors - B.O.S.S. Brotherhood of Slant Shavers
Small Brushes
- "21 and under" club
Streamline Razors - The Cult of Streamline - Streamline & Jewel owners
Synthetic Brushes - The Synthetic Shaving Brush Society

Shave/Lather Methods

2 Pass Shavers - The Two Pass Shave Club
Bowl Lathering - Bowl latherers and scuttle lovers
Cartridge Shavers - Razors of the Dark Side
Cold Water Shavers - C.O.L.D.
Face Lathering - The B&B Face Latherers Club United
Head Lathering - The B&B Head Latherers Club United
Leg Shavers - The League Of Leg Shavers

Theme Shaves

Calendar of Shaves - This calendar lists important events in the shaving year (Weekly and Monthly). Note that some months and days may have more than one theme.


Anti-Clubs & Brotherhoods - Not a member of any club except NAMOACEN
Coarse Beards - The Thicket Club - Accepting Members
Foxhole Shavers Club (Veterans, Active Duty, Guard/Reserves) - Foxhole Shavers Club
Minimalists - The Minimalist club
Old Fogies Club - The Old Fogies Club
Soap of the Month - Soap Of The Month Club

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