Ziglar Slant?

Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by cooncatbob, Jan 13, 2007.

  1. Scored this razor off e-bay and received it today. 3 piece open combed slant. The only writing is on the bottom of the head. ZIGLAR PAT. 1957.
    Going to try it out tomorrow, haven't had much luck with the Gillette NEW model and the older opened combed razors but we shall see.
  2. very nice, good luck with the first shave!
  3. Jim

    Jim Moderator

    Very interesting razor -Enjoy it Bob, and let us know how it went.
  4. Bob, Thanks for the pic. Good luck with the razor. Let us know your thoughts.
  5. Well I tried it out. First thing the handle is very short smooth and tapered so I put on of my custom made handles on it. 3 3/8 inches long knurled like a HD.
    Put a Derby blade in it cause I was afraid to use a Feather. I got a great shave did 2 passes, shaved more like a tech then a Slant. Not touchy like the Merkur Slant. I believe I'm going to need to revisit my other open combed razors and give them another go, maybe not the old style but I've got a nice NEW model and an unusual French opened comb razor. Maybe my technique has improved.
    If anyone else scores one of these I'd suggest that you put a fat Tech handle on it and your good to go.
  6. Jim

    Jim Moderator

    Sounds like you made a new friend! Thanks for the update Bob.
  7. I was shaving today with another razor and half was through the shave I grabbed my Ziglar and finished up. I like all the razors in my rotation or they wouldn't be there but the Ziglar has really become a favorite of mine. Here's a pic with my Stainless Steel handle.
  8. Just got my Gillette New a couple of days ago, and really like the open comb, I think it shaves a lot closer. Also like the heft of the razor. But, they do shave a little differently, seems it easier to find the right angle.......
  9. I know this is an old post, but I had to update it. Last week I picked up 2 Ziglar razors identical to what guys have described here. Haven't used it yet, but had to post. Oh...I grabbed them for 50 cents a piece!

    $photo 1.jpg $photo 3.jpg $photo 4.jpg
  10. alex2363

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    Ziglar Razor Corp. from Chareston South Carolina. Its chrome plated from 1957.
  11. I ruined mine, I sent it out to be nickel plated and it had a lot of exposed zinc and it got eaten in the nickel bath, turned it into a cheese grater.
    At the time I didn't know zinc required special handling, it needs to be plate with copper or brass to seal the zinc before being plated with nickel.
  12. alex2363

    alex2363 Contributor

    true, just like stahly heads.
  13. bakerbarber

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    I just scored one of these and couldn't help but think of Bob.

    His posts about the fabled open comb slant that he lost to the plating tanks always stuck in the back of my mind.

    When it shows up I'm putting it on a BRW handle and having a long lazy shave.

    Thanks to Bob for planting the word "Ziglar" in my mind to help me find a rare razor. If he were around today, I'd offer it to him to replace the one he lost. It would have been a small payment for all the great advise and insight he shared with us.

    I'm pretty surprised I was the only bid. It was a seven day listing too.

    Thanks for the stories Bob!!
  14. alex2363

    alex2363 Contributor

    I remember that post, i think that was the last time i responded to his post.....what a great B&B loss

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