Yugoslav SKS M59/66

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  1. Does anyone know the going rate for one of these? I checked a few online sellers and prices were all over the map $295 - $429.

    Better yet is there a reliable firearms price guide?
  2. it's been awhile since I looked into them but mid $300 is about right given the market these days. $429 would be on the high end side i think. You may want to check gun broker out and see what they have listed.
  3. I can remember seeing Chinese SKS's for free with the purchase of 1000 rounds of 7.62 ammo for $69 at a gunshow. That's all the guy selling them had, SKS's and ammo, nothing else. He must've had a eight foot high pallet of ammo. I also remember seeing the SKS rifles sold by the crate, as well, but can't remember the price. Wish I'd bought a crate or two now.
  4. Eastern European SKSs run around 300usd. Aim Surplus has some it right now for 299. If you have a Curio and Relic License they can ship directly to you!
  5. Be very wary of Yugos. I purchased one a few years back that had horrible cycling problems. I narrowed the issue down to a bad gas valve. There are workarounds involving thin copper wire to make an ad hoc gasket. Another solution is to purchase an aftermarket gas valve.

    Also, be mindful of barrel pitting, copper deposits, and corrosion. Surplus Soviet bloc rifles have often used corrosive ammo without having been properly cleaned before being soaked in cosmoline for export. I must have run 100+ patches of Hoppes through mine, and each one came out dirty.

    Ended up getting rid of it. YMMV.
  6. Thanks for the info all, and gun broker was a great resource.

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