You're holding it funny!

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  1. Ok, so last night I received a ERN that I bought from the BST, and of course skipped shaving that morning in anticipation.

    My previous experience is with a few different DE's and a Parker SR1. I watched/read several tutorials on how to hold the razor, make passes etc.

    Long story short, I found it most comfortable and easiest to use with the scales extended back in a straight line from the blade, like holding a large knife. With a whole lot of razor burn (tried other holding methods that didn't go so well) I managed to get a mostly passable shave this way. My question is: "Is there a reason not to hold it this way?"
  2. For me,that is also the most comfortable way. Therefore you will probably want to get a Kamisori
  3. how did you hold the parker?
  4. Wid


    I hold it like that on portions of my shaves.
  5. None at all, if that's what works for you. :thumbup1:

    There's no real right or wrong way to hold any razor. :wink2: :001_tongu
  6. I held the parker in what seems to be the more common way. The ERN is substantially heavier and has a much longer blade though.

    As for the kamisori, I'm bidding already...

    On a side note, put a nice gash in my face doing ATG, I'll try to get pics.
  7. I'll hold a razor like that for much of a shave and move the scales wherever necessary if they get in the way. If it works, it works. I've big mitts, so that's easier for me.
  8. I don't hold that position throughout the whole shave, but I do in several ATG passes to avoid having the scales rub my neck.
    As others have said, You might want to consider a Kamisaori if that way is most comfortable for you.
  9. I hold mine that way when doing ATG on the neck. It is easier and more steady for me. I am more traditional when doing the other parts of my face or my head. I have just started using a Kamisori and I might have benefited a bit because holding the razor wasn't such a big deal.

    FWIW, I noticed Antonio Banderas used that style in a movie he did. He grasped the blade and did an ATG on his lip (short clip so it didn't show much more. I suspect the razor was fake, though). Anyway, if Puss N Boots can do it, we can. ;-}
  10. +1. I use it like that when I'm going S-N on my neck. Easiest for me.

    I don't think there is a right/wrong answer on how you hold it, as long as you're not doing something dangerous I suppose.
  11. I've been at it for a month and that still seems to be a monthly occurance. For some reason one day a month I'm somehow not on my game.
  12. Good to know I'm not the only one who does it this way. I'll be back at it in a couple days, letting my face heal before I hack at it again.

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