Your Top 5 Shaving Creams for SENSITIVE skin ?

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  1. Hey :)

    What's your Top 5 list for shaving creams for sensitive skin ?

    Mine goes like this:

    1. Acca Kappa 1869 POT version - fantastic almond scent combined with a very soft thick protective cream, which makes a wonderful protective and comforting lather. Feels almost like it actually heals minor cuts from for instance using a not so sharp blade.

    2. Truefitt & Hill Ultimate Comfort - again a fantastic soft & thick protective creamy lather - the very subtle lavender and citrus giver this cream the ideal formula for a comforting and extremely protective and healing shaving cream.

    3. Penhaligon Endymion - not crazy about the scent, but this cream really is great for sensitive skin - again there is lavender among other stuff in this cream. Very calming and almost feel like it gives you a soft nice shave.

    4. Castle Forbes Lavender - once again the lavender adds protection against cuts and minor scratches.

    5. Acqua Di Parma - even though there is citrus in this, it still gives me a very calming and comforting shave. Not the best healing properties, but all in all a very nice shaving cream for sensitive skin.
    You need to learn to get the wather ratio right here. Once you get that right, this cream performs fantastic, also for sensitive skin.

    Let me hear your Top 5 list for best shaving creams for sensitive skin ?

    A cream like Castle Forbes Lime, Penhaligon Blenheims Bouquet and Santa Maria Novella are all great creams, but NOT great for sensitive skin. I never use these 3 creams, when I feel my skin needs a sensitive shave :online2long:
  2. When my skin needs a sensitive shave I pull out the TOBS Rose cream. Harris Arlington would be my second choice. Acca Kappa is one of the few soaps/creams that irritates me.
  3. its so much the creams n or soap for my sensitive skin..but pre shave which helps alot.
  4. I have some KMF unscented that I keep for days when I was over zealous on the prior day's shave, since I have to shave every day for work.
  5. Ever tried XPEC?
    TOBS Jermyn St.?
  6. Own both and they are excellent :)
  7. lol Jermyn St for sensitive skin?
  8. Sure is.

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  9. I have sensitive skin and I consider myself pretty new to the wetshaving game with puck/cream (not canned) and brush, but so far Nancy Boy Replenishing Cream is high quality stuff. Just tried MWF, and though I'm still working the lather out, It's a winner in my book. I should be getting Cella in the mail any day now, and I hear that is a sensitive skin safe croap. I'd like to see what TOBS Jermyn is all about. Someday soon :001_smile
  10. Ultimate Comfort is hard to beat.
  11. Number 1 for me is Proraso, when I feel the need for something that is kind to my skin. C&E's three scents also work. Number 5? Maybe T&H Sandalwood, but a few soaps do the trick, too.
  12. I've not tried a single one of those. I'll have to try them out considering my skin.
  13. LOL indeed
  14. It is made especially for sensitive skin, so why the LOL ?

    I own it, and it has some citrus in it, so I agree it may not be the perfect cream for sensitive skin, but still don't get the LOL since TOBS has labelled it for sensitive skin.......
  15. Marco

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    Great list, Claus! I agree on all of them with the exception of Penhaligon's cream which I have never used (hence cannot evaluate).
  16. Imo Italian croaps are vey good under this aspect, either the affordable ones or the more expensive ones, for instance Valobra or Fiori e Frutta/Dovo. In a tube, Musgo Real is excelent, too, provided your skin has no problem with lanolin. Their performances are close to my favourite tallowed soaps.
  17. I don't know. I wasn't the one who originally LOL'd it.
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  18. I don't have a top 5, but I've always had good luck with the Valobra Almond Shave Soap. Its like Cella, but not as scented and for my skin, that seems to mean less irritation.
  19. TOBS Avocado
    TOBS Rose
    Kiss My Face unscented or cool mint
  20. AoS Lavender & uncented, t&h uc, kissmyface lines

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