Your most aggressive safety razor and blade combo

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  1. What is or was your most aggressive safety razor and blade combo to date.

    Mine was experienced with tonight's shave. It was a Gillette "Old Type" (1924) mated with a NOS Fan blue steel razor blade. That old razor let me experience quite a bit of that sharp, Swedish Steel blade. And it was the closest shave I've ever gotten:ohmy:.

    What about the rest of you?
  2. Merkur Futur, set at 6.5
    Merkur 39C Sledgehammer Slant
    Gillette E1 Fatboy, set at 7

    All with Iridium Super blades. I find Feathers too rough and short-lived.

    Great shavers all!

  3. Merkur 37c with a feather. I tried this soon after starting DE shaving, and it cut me up pretty bad.
  4. Hmm. Three way tie between Gillette New Long Comb with Feather blade, Merkur 11C w/ Feather, or Fatboy on 9 w/ Feather.
  5. Mercer 11c with any blade. It tears my neck up ATG in a bad way.

  6. nff


    open comb gillette genuine. with a feather
  7. Merkur 45 Bakelite with Feather
    Merkur 38 with Feather
    Parker 22r with Feather

    But why use a Feather when there are smoother blades almost as sharp...
  8. nff


    my G injector is pretty agressive too.
  9. A Futur with a Feather (or a Bolzano, a Timor, a Perma-Sharp Super). Actually, a Futur cranked up with just about any blade is evil. I recently had a 4-pass shave with a Feather in the Futur that was so close...I thought the whiskers might never grow back.
  10. Mergress with a feather ! Light touch my friends, light touch.
  11. nEver-Ready

    nEver-Ready Contributor

    Opened up Merkur Vision with a Feather - deli slicer...
  12. Merkur Futur run wide open with a feather.......
    Do ya feel lucky punk?!!!! Well do ya?
  13. Merkur 39C
    Feather Blades
  14. My old Muhle R89 with a feather
    Schick Injector Type E
    Merkur Progress
  15. Vintage Barbasol...with any blade....Quite a beast but can provide an ultra BBS shave and double as a potato pealer!!
  16. A Kampfe Star One lather catcher with a Treet blade. This model was being produced as early as 1902, but if mine is correctly matched with the case, it's an edition that was made in 1919. Will take either wedge or standard SE blades.

    Right now it's on my come-back-to-it-later-and-figure-it-out list. First three shaves were not disasters, exactly, but I was scraping skin and ending up with irritation. Not even as user friendly as an Open Comb Micromatic, let alone a Gem 1912. Probably a different angle from either of those.
  17. Feeling a little nancy here; my worst experience so far was with my entrusted Vision on the lowest setting with a first time use of a Feather blade. I don't dare imagine what I'd have looked like with the gap wide open...

    Now, I managed to get a cut, without feeling a thing. A little scary.

  18. Futur wide open with Feather (my favorite shave), I also enjoy the All the MErkur Slants with Feathers, but are MUCH milder than the Futur.
  19. I'll also add in the Futur with a Feather.

    In case no one else has mentioned this combo.
  20. Merkur 37c with a Feather or Iridium. I can get a really close, really smooth shave with this combo if I have 2 or more day's of growth

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