Your Five Best Shavers

Discussion in 'General Straight Razor Talk' started by professorchaos, Jul 24, 2009.

  1. professorchaos

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    Thought it might be interesting to see what everyone's top shaving razors are. Of course these lists are likely to change depending on what has cycled through the rotation, but some razors will likely stay in the list. With that in mind, my currents are:

    1. The Le Grelot
    2. RW 7/8 English Barber Special
    3. Charlex #7
    4. Puma 89
    5. Wostenholm IXL
  2. 6/8ths Puma Gold.
    6/8ths TI Super Gnome.
    6/8ths DD Wonderedge.
    6/8ths W & B.
    A pair of Livi regrinds.

    I know, technically thats six razors.
  3. 1) My sharpest razor
    2) My next sharpest razor
    3) My third sharpest razor

  4. Thank you for not fueling everyone's rad with specific models :lol:

    I also think you're on to something. I can care less who the manufacturer is as long as it shaves well. I can almost even not care about the appearance if the shave is good enough :001_tt1:.
  5. joshmpdx

    joshmpdx Moderator Emeritus

    • Vintage Le Grelot
    • ERN, Crown & Sword
    • J.A. Hellberg 5/8
    • Le Grelot Quarter Hollow
    • T.I. Festonne
  6. Hmmmm....

    I no order


    NOOO!!!! I'm out of room... But...the Frederick, Red Injun, Fritz Bracht, Henckels, and Joseph Elliot weren't named!!! ARRGGGHHHH
  7. jkh


    I'd like to play, but I only have three straights :frown:
  8. I'm not tellin'....:tongue:
  9. Let's see

    Barber's notch Frederick Reynolds
    1/4 grind leGrelot
    7/8 Dovo #55 spike point (from VintageBlades)
    Helsjestrand #4
    Super modified Marshes & Sheppard

    That's my den right now, I have a couple of other Sheffields in sight that will join the rotation soon though.
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  10. professorchaos

    professorchaos Moderator Emeritus

    You can play with three. Gives you room to grow!
  11. Wow, the Bell is being rung!
  12. In no particular order, my top five shavers are:

    • Big wedgy Boker ("Heinz")
    • 8/8 W&B Celebrated Barbers' Use (No name yet)
    • 7/8 Friodur ("Fritz")
    • 7/8 Joseph Elliot ("Big Joe")
    • 5/8 Heckels Twins (No name)

    Honorable mention: Wapi
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  13. That Marshes & Sheppard is truly a shaving gem! Super smooth.
  14. 1/4 LeGrelot
    Puma (I forget the model)
    8/8 FOTOS (I had never heard of it either)
    5/8 George Wostenholm
    5/8 Joseph Allen
  15. I only own 6 (owned 7) straights. So far my list is:

    1) DD Wonderedge
    2) Henckels Friodur
    3) Puma 91

    Still looking for two more to finish off the list...
  16. Unbelievably so, it's really weird how smooth it is; plus it's as if it will never loose it's shaving edge. You know, when my wife saw me shave with it the first time after I got it, she asked if I was going to start shaving with industrial tools now too :lol:

  17. I have about 25 razors, 12 of which are awesome, these are the top five:

    Le Grelot 1/4 grind (newest)
    Filarmonica 13 Doble Temple
    Le Grelot 5/8 Royal Canadian
    Lord 6/8
    Genco 6/8 Model B5

    If I could choose my top six this would be included:

    Filarmonica Especial 14 square point
  18. I was going to post mine, but then I saw your post and have to do the same. Ill take it to the grave :smile:
  19. My 5 favorites of the week:

    1) 6/8" Dovo ( round )
    2) 9/8" Wade & Butcher Meat Chopper ( notch )
    3) 5/8" Henckels Twin, Platinum (spike)
    4) 5/8" Dovo " Fritz Bracht" (round)
    5) 4/8" Wostenholm wedge (french)
  20. In no order

    6/8 Le Grelot 1/4 grind
    5/8 Ebro Joseph & Sons
    4/8 De Pew "The Perfect Razor"
    7/8 Joseph & Sons
    6/8 Greaves & Sons

    These are my current fav straight shavers, I also have some DE favorites but im 98% straight. I know this list might change soon as I am receiving exotic woods and more razors :rolleyes:

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