Your Favorite Lime Soap(s)?

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  1. Greetings! Just started DE shaving again after a 40 year hiatus.

    Have always loved the scent of lime.... so, an easy question - what are your favorite lime shaving soaps?

    Compare and contrast - be specific [just like on a test]. :001_tongu
  2. Queen Charlotte Soaps Key Lime Handmade Shaving Cream. It's a hard cream, more like an Italian soft soap. Scented only with Lime essential oils. Has tallow and moisturizers.

    You'll get a recommendation for Trumpers Limes shaving soap. Caveat Emptor (smells fine, but it ain't what it used to be). Mediocre performance from this vegetable based hard milled soap. Pity.

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  4. EEeek.....

    I only used one lime (Trumpers limes cream) and it lit me up like an xmas tree. Had to stick my head in the sink and run water over it. I was bright RED for 2 days. NO MORE LIME anything for me thank you...

    I do find that Kiss My Face Key Lime does not have the same effect on me and I enjoy that product a LOT

    BUT... YMMV
  5. Mystic Waters lime has the purest lime scent, in my opinion.
  6. KMF Key Lime isn't very strongly scented, but it lathers exceptionally easily and is widely available (and relatively cheap) in the US. I've used it and I like it, but it's a cream. All the QCS products I've used have been outstanding, so that may be worth your while if you want a soap.
  7. Isn't KMF a cream? This is a Soap thread fellas! :001_tt2:
    In any case, KMF Key Lime smells just like it states, Key lime.

    Col. Conk is really the only other lime soap that I have tried, and is smells more like an artificial lime...someone mentioned once a "kool aid" kind of smell. I think that would be an excellent description.
  8. A good lime soap is mama bears lime ice, great in the summer and the lather is superb.
  9. The SRD Lime is pretty good and really inexpensive. I made a mix of that and eShave Lime cream this morning and it produced a great slick shave, but it's pretty good all on it's own. Bursting lather comes out of it and the smell is pretty good.
  10. I'll second the Mystic Waters Lime. It's the best scented Lime I've smelled and also shaves like a dream:)
  11. i LOVE my Castle Forbes Lime!! great lather and great scent!
  12. While it is technically a cream, CF lime is stiff enough to be a soft soap and is one of the best lime shaving products on the market in my view. It is so thick and rich it only takes a little product to produce mounds of rich lather. Considering how little product it takes to get a great shave, I think that it is a good value as well.


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  14. I'll put a third vote in for Mystic Waters Lime. Best lime scent I've tried by a mile. But if you want to try CF, I've got some going up on BST soon. :)
  15. Any vote for Fraser? I've been thinking of trying this for forever.
  16. My vote goes to Trumpers limes soap. Yes, the comment has been made that it isn't what it used to be. I never had the opportunity to try the tallow version, but the new non-tallow version works great for me. I think it is a top performing soap, so YMMV. What really sets this one out front for me is Trumper's take on lime. This isn't a straight up lime scent, but rather a lime based fragrance. And I love it.

    Another top performing (actually better, IMO) citrus soap is Art of Shaving lemon.
  17. QCS Key Lime is wonderful. Though not a soap, I also enjoy the CF Lime cream. It, too, has a wonderful scent.
  18. I do not know when you bought your last puck of GFT lime, or what lot it came from, but the puck of GFT Rose I got recently was an absolute disgrace. It was not suitable for shaving at all...this wasn't a tallow vs. veggie thing, it was just garbage and wouldn't produce a stable lather.

    I would not recommend the current stock of GFT shave soap to anyone.

  19. Lime is kind of like sandalwood- there are many variations. Whichever vendor you decide to go with, ask him/her if he/she uses key lime essential oil. That is the only one that smells like a real lime.

  20. It is very slick, but the lime scent is more like a meringue. Nothing wrong with it, but more of an artificial scent. I follow it up with Lime Booster's...which lasts about 5 mins. If you're working out later in the day, you'll pick up the scent quite quickly. Performance is fantastic otherwise.

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