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  1. Hi gents,

    I'm not sure if someone has already made a thread on this but what is your absolute favorite blade, or current favorite blade?

    Right now, I would have to go with Asco blades.... I load one of those into my Merkur 34C HD and my whiskers fly off my face. This blade gives me even better results than a Feather or Kai. I still have a bunch more blades to try though, so this will probably change as I try them. But yes, right now, Asco blades all the way!


  2. Israeli Red Personna
  3. I've been liking the Shark Super Chromes.
  4. +1, followed closely by 7 o'clock green
  5. nEver-Ready

    nEver-Ready Contributor

    Feathers, Astra SP and Bluebirds. ASCOs were pretty good for me but not as good for as my top three.
  6. Feathers and Gillette Yellows for sharpness
    DORCO ST-301s for smoothness.
  7. Better than a feather blade? I must try them! Thanks.

  8. djh

    djh Moderator

    My favourite blade at the moment is Derby. Obviously, as one tries different types of razors this can change....
  9. Don


    Shark SS, Astra Keramik, Swedish Gillette.
  10. Astra SP and Feather Yellow
  11. Crystal and Gillette Permasharps (Green 7 o'clocks). I also like Derbys.
  12. Gillette 7 O'clock Yellows & Blacks (haven't tried the greens yet)
  13. Bluebirds :001_cool:
  14. +1 on the ASCOs. I find them as good as the English Wilkes, probably because the factory was set up by Wilkinsons Sword :blush:
  15. +1 here.

    I'm still going through samplers though (4 more to go), but at the moment this is definately my preferred thus far.
  16. Feathers, Sharks, Super-Max Platinum.
  17. Feather, closely followed by Astra, followed by Shark.

    And you'll find people who hate all of the above. I think only scents cause more disagreement than blade types.
  18. Astra Super Platinums
  19. Iridiums, shared second place between Feather and Gillette SharpEdge (yellow)
  20. +1 on all of the above

    Tempted to snatch up a bulk of Super-Max Platinum (found them at around 7 cents a blade).

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