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  1. Hello,

    What is your all time BEST shot (with or without modification)?

    Here is mine:
  2. SiBurning

    SiBurning Steward Contributor

    Not a shot. More a beer mug & a glass of wine. Still...
  3. Great photos.
  4. Perhaps not my best shot but certainly one of my favorites.
  5. While I feel confident about many shots following this one, this is the picture that really solidified my confidence in pursuing photography in any kind of professional capacity. This photo and the story I wrote to accompany it took up half of the front page who hired me for the assignment.
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  6. Here's two of my personal favorites:


  7. Some fantastic captures gentlemen!
  8. SMG


    here are a couple of my favorites.



  9. alex2363

    alex2363 Contributor

    looks relaxing
  10. alex2363

    alex2363 Contributor

    i always like this one
  11. Only one I have with me.
  12. Great shots guys...this one is a no-brainer for me. Capturing him still for more than a nanosecond? It's like walking into a Starbucks and seeing Bigfoot standing there waiting for a Latte.

    This was in the shadow of the EMP in Seattle.
  13. I may have taken others as nice, but this is my favorite subject.
  14. I always liked this one as well. I'm by no means a pro :lol:
  15. Not the most artistic, but I love the timing. Boy had just caught a water balloon in a water balloon toss competition.


    These two are a little more interesting (at least to me). I was learning digital photography and had been a big B&W film guy back in the day. I tried this conversion while learning PhotoShop Elements and the B&W won a photo of the week award at a forum dedicated to B&W imagery.


  16. Some gorgeous shots.
  17. These are just a couple I can quickly get to right now

    I couldn't see the rays, but the camera sure picked them up.

    And my helpers.
  18. all very nice shot :001_smile
  19. I'm not even going to think of competing with some of you guys! Great photos!

    Not my best, but here''s three I shot today I'm pretty satified with.

    Random dog:


    A dandelion:


    And last, a fence:

  20. One of my favorites

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