You can make decent lather with three teaspoons of water .... IN TOTAL!

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  1. This is a follow-up to the thread You CANNOT make decent lather with six teaspoons of water .... Since we have a discussion on how much is too much, I wondered what is the bare minimum of water - and cream too. So I did this test. I think I've eliminated all the variables and given all the details, so anyone having trouble lathering should be able to repeat this method and get a similar result. Or at least use it as a reference/starting point.

    Executive summary: 1/4 teaspoon of cream + 3 teaspoons water + dry shaving brush = sensible lather.

    The test gear. Omega 31064 boar brush; Proraso green tube shaving cream; distilled water (honestly!); measuring spoons; plastic mug; mixing bowl.


    The method. Brush had been drying for 3 days. Measured 1/4 teaspoon of shaving cream and put it in bowl. Measured 4 teaspoons of distilled water into plastic mug. Warmed water in 900W microwave for 5 seconds - went from 68°F to 93°F - hardly worth doing, but here for reference. Placed brush in plastic mug of 4tsp water to soak for 5 minutes 30s.


    Building the lather. Gently squeezed brush over the mug. Started mixing in the bowl. When well mixed but too dry, dipped brush in mug and continued mixing. I dipped the brush in the mug 6 times in all.


    The result. Just enough lather to fill the brush. Nothing excessive, but enough for a 3 or 4 pass shave I think. There was 1 teaspoon of water left over in the mug. This could be used for dipping the brush between passes if necessary.


    It's worth noting that these aren't my best performing items. If I had used my badger brushes and TOBS cream, I would expect twice as much lather or more. But I thought my Omega brush and Proraso cream would be owned by more people so the test is more relevant to them this way.

    I hope this will be of use.
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  2. Nice data, and well-presented. I'll add that a denser or larger brush would probably need a little more product and a little more water.
  3. well done, whats the bottle of jack for :a17: :001_tongu
  4. things must be kinda slow in the UK, huh?
  5. WEll, I'm willing to bet that it was either there for size reference OR that's what the OP stores his distilled water in. (or is that distilled "water" eh? :lol: )
  6. Personally, I never measure I just use the following approach:

    1) Wet brush
    2) Apply wet brush to soap so that soap is transferred to the brush
    3) Build lather
    4) Transfer lather to face (omit if you face lather)

    If the lather is too thin, go back and add more soap
    If the lather is too thick, add more water
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    Rajagra, that's pretty much in line with what I came up with to see how close I was to JCinPA's data. My PJ2 holds approx. 4 tsp for Cella and a little less for Mama Bear; yoyo for Cella and slight squeeze for MB.

    Mblakele, my CH2 hold about another tsp over the PJ.
  8. Is there a water shortage that I'm unaware of?
  9. That's how it's done. No need to over-think it.
  10. For those of you who are wondering why rajagra went to all this trouble (no, he's not being a compulsive perfectionist), all you need do is re-read his opening paragraph:

  11. Thanks for this little demonstration. I was having some lathering issues, and I think bringing it down to this level helped get some of my ratios a little closer to something that produces a nice, slick lather.
  12. I was thinking that a shot of jack would probably not help my shave but to each their own.
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    The OP's scientific approach is admirable in its precision, but I'm not sure whether it has application in the real world.
  14. If he keeps water in his Jack bottle ... guess what he keeps in his water bottle! :001_tt2:
  15. -
  16. +1 :w00t:
  17. "Who put pineapple juice in my pineapple juice?"

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