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Discussion in 'Shave Clinic & Newbie Check-In' started by dubby, Mar 27, 2009.

  1. hello from west yorkshire.well thank you very much ,ive gone from a lurker to a member and now an addict!
    ive had to buy a fatboy,have a thing for bay rum shave soap and ive hunted pinaud bay rum down in the uk finaly.
    i dont know why but i need a slim,a bottle of italian floid and some la toja soap ahhhhhhhhh!
    appart from that i make polythene have a thing for art decco and have a tendancy to lift heavy weights at the gym .
    what was a chore i hated and didnt look forward to now is a daily pleasure.
  2. Howdy! Welcome to the B&B
  3. From a newb: You will fit in great. Anyone that enjoys freshly shorn skin will always be a brother here!
  4. Welcome, dubby!
  5. Welcome to B&B dubby.
  6. Welcome!
  7. Welcome to B&B!
  8. Welcome to Badger & Blade, dubby!

  9. Welcome to B&B, Dubby.
  10. Welcome to B&B !!
  11. Hey, Dubby!

    as a wide-eyed Colonial who got a chance to climb the Yorkminster, ramble through the Shambles and attempt the accents of the average Yorkshireman for his fellow yanks when he got back home, allow me to also say welcome to the B&B.
  12. I could send you the La Toja Soap(I live in Spain) Wellcome and enjoy the site!
  13. Welcome. It is astonishing how quickly this one time chore becomes a hobby, isn't it?

  14. Welcome to B&B
  15. The "addict" comment plagues most of us :biggrin:. Once you start to get AD it's some hard to stop, luckily I'm in my early stages so my den is nothing compared to some members.
  16. Welcome Dubby!
  17. welcome to your new addiction!!!!! AND B&B!!!
  18. Welcome to B&B!
  19. Welcome to our world. I can see the AD's have already kicked in. There's no cure so just accept it and enjoy the addiction. Keep us posted.
  20. Ya, what he wrote!

    Welcome to B&B!

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