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  1. My wife and I spent the day with another couple in Wichita Falls, Texas. An average 97 degree Texas day, but we had fun. Attaching a picture from a neat train museum - you could walk thru the trains, and even leaf thru old train log books! $2 admission. Another museum was worthwhile visiting... all the donated cowboy's hats was pretty cool. And, the iron lung... those were barely out of use just a few years before my memory starts, and there was still plenty of talk about people not much older than me spending time in them.

    One thing that is enjoyable about a day with friends is stories. I am sure it is the same everywhere with everyone. But, even if you haven't seen friends for just a few weeks, we always have stories.

    Here's one of my favorite stories told me by friends recently...

    Tim and Catrina witnessed a hit and run in their apartment parking lot, and wrote down the license plate number before the *#%*# drove off. The bashed car belonged to a Chinese couple in the same complex. Out of appreciation, they were invited by the couple to a meal. Only problem, they could scarcely understand each other. Finally, to the utter consternation and embarrassment of Catrina, Tim started talking to the Chinese couple in English, but with a bad Chinese accent. She thought Tim was making fun of them to their face. The only problem with her theory was that they suddenly understood Tim!

    Until the couple moved out, fairly often they knocked on Tim and Catrina's door and asked Tim to come "interpret" for them!

    Now, that is funny!!!!

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  2. Here's a yarn, that's purportedly true:

    My last name is "First". According to my aunt, this name name had two possible origins: one tale is that back in the Zold Country (Cheklosovakia), every Spring the young lads of the village would swim out to an island to pick flowers to bestow upon the girl of their fancy. Apparently, my forefather of reknown was always "first", and thus the name. The alternate origin of the family name was that upon pulling into Ellis Island, my forefather eschewed the usual dog and pony immigrant show and leaped overboard and swam in to shore, thereby being "first" ashore.

    I have no idea of the reality of these tales, but there you have it. Believe it or not!

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