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Discussion in 'Shaving Soaps' started by Rusty Jackknife, Nov 23, 2009.

  1. There is presently an auction on EBay for a sealed Yardley shaving soap.

    I have never tried this discontinued soap but hear it is as good as shaving soap gets.

    How "rare" has Yardley become? Is this soap worthy of getting into the recent Penhaligons tallow soap bowl prices?
  2. guenron

    guenron Moderator Emeritus

    It is a COLLECTORS ITEM for the true connoisseur for whom no price is too high to pay. Basically, it has become more rare than hens' teeth! :ihih: It also happens to be a fine soap. Much like me, I doubt that it's lovely lavender fragrance has survived the years..:001_tongu
  3. I'd like to get the Yardley soap, but I don't feel like paying the going market price (~$100) for it.
  4. Jim

    Jim Moderator

    If you were interested in bidding on this soap, it was a rube move to post this.

  5. hahhaha-

    it's gonna be up around a C now, isn't it?

  6. Last couple ones I saw were high 90s or low 100s for a sealed bowl of Yardley, this one will likely be there too.
  7. yah. I guess it was on everyone's radar anyway.

    someday I'll find one in a Mom 'n' Pop, maybe.
  8. Yup...reminds me of a certain American Rocket someone started posting about...the seller found out about how rare the item was and didn't put a buy it now on it...
  9. I guess that would depend on your viewpoint. My interest in Yardley shaving soap goes beyond placing into my daily personal soap rotation. Not that I am a sheik, but spending a couple hundred dollars on a shaving soap for business purposes is not goofy to me.

    Would you consider it a rube move if a fellow B&B'er offered me a small sample to try? :biggrin:

  10. It's up there at the top. It generates a lather that is richer and slicker that anything else I've tried. AoS, particularly the Lavender, and Penhaligon's (tallow) come pretty close.

    It's getting harder and harder to come by. A few years ago, you could get an unused bowl on eBay for $10-$25 pretty easily. It has become something of a Grail item for many and prices have gone up as the online wetshaving community has grown. The worthiness of the big price tag depends on the buyer as with any luxury purchase.

    There are also other vintage brands worthy of mention. Wrisleys is fairly common and is purported to be rebranded Yardley. Paislay's and Lentheric can also be found every once in a while. The ultimate vintage soap to seek in my book is Houbigant Fougere Royale. I've only seen two specimans in the 5+ years I've been on the forums. I have one, unused, and slcsteve sold one several years ago that he had used sparingly. He has also tried the Paislay's and Lentheric. Perhaps he will chime in . I have the latter two as well, but have not put brush to them, so I can't comment on performance.
  11. how about you offer a small sample to ME????

    hahahah - or we could go halvsies (but who gets the bowl?????)

    good luck - hope you win the auction!

  13. It also means those of us privately stalking this auction have been hosed :rolleyes:
  14. The last one that went on the bay didn't bring very much at all... it just depends on how many get alerted to the fact...
  15. And the condition, there was one that looked to be in fairly poor condition (puck had a lot of cracks) that didn't go for much. Other NOS ones will fetch triple digits.
  16. The one I'm referring to was in great condition... not to mention my set :wink2:
  17. beginish

    beginish Moderator

    I can attest to the quality of the Paislay's. I picked up a NOS, and it is great. The lather is a hair below Yardley. I just watched a NOS puck of Lentheric with original Bakelite bowl go for $9.95 :scared:.
  18. joshmpdx

    joshmpdx Moderator Emeritus

    Because it's vintage, i think it's a very good idea to at least get 2 so you can make comparisons between the them.
  19. DSB


    If you are planning on bidding on an ebay item, it's really not very smart to tell everyone about it. If you're not planning on bidding, you're sabotaging anyone else on here who had already planned to bid. You pretty much just guaranteed this Yardley will shoot through the roof. If you're really just curious about the quality of an item, you can ask about it without posting that "there is presently an auction on Ebay" for one of the most sought after soaps in the wet shaving world. You just did a huge disservice to your fellow B&Bers who had already seen this item, and were planning to bid.
  20. I've been watching this auction for a few days. Guess I'll be a pure spectator now.:sad:

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