WWII GI Shaving Cream

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  1. While reading the chapter about the Anzio beachhead in Ernie Pyle's "Brave Men" I came across this little tidbit about government issued brushless shaving cream in World War II:

    "More than a year ago I wrote an item about the numerous uses we'd found for the brushless shaving cream issued to frontline troops. Its virtues were legion. It was perfect for sun- and windburn, nurses shampooed their hair with it, it soothed fleabites and softened chapped hands and cracked fingers. And there at Anzio the soldiers discovered that if they massaged their feet with it once a day, it went a long way toward preventing the dreaded trench foot.
    It's a shame somebody didn't shave with it once in a while."

    Miraculous stuff. I wonder if the formula is still around? Anybody currently repurposing their store-bought cream?
  2. As a matter of fact...I have discovered this afternoon that there is a horrid odour emanating from a colleague in the office. Not knowing how to best deal with this, I supposed it would be proper to find a means to push through and not mention it. To this end, I reached into my drawer, pulled out my Aubrey Organics Spice Island brushless shaving cream and ran a dab across my upper lip. The vetiver is doing a reasonable job of covering the stench, but I hope that I don't forever wind up associating the wonderful aroma of Spice Island with wretched BO. Finally, I found a use for a brushless shaving cream. Like the fighting boys, I certainly don't shave with it.
  3. It was probably Molle.


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