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  1. Hey guys.

    I've got a Super Adjustable here up for trade. It's not perfect cosmetically, as you can see in a couple of the pictures. There are a couple blemishes on the handle where the finish is off and you can see some silver. The paint is also off the numbers.

    I think the date code is "X 1".

    Anyway, I was just wondering if this razor was on anyone's "omg I must have" list. If so, make me an offer; I'm an book.

    Crystal IP or Sharp blades definitely considered.

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  2. bump
  3. can be yours for less than 10 dollars worth of blades...make an offer!

    step right up!
  4. Aaah! RAD kicking in! I'm fighting the temptation lol.. Neat looking slim first time I see one..
  5. Is this the longer handled version? Would you consider trading for cash?
  6. Yeah it's a long handle.

    Isn't 'trading for cash' the same as 'selling'? lol

    Actually I don't have a paypal acct so I was just hoping to work a trade. You don't have any blades over there?
  7. Yeah, that would be selling... ha! I happen to have a total of seven blades to my name right now, so not much to trade with...
  8. bum p
  9. this razor still needs a home!
  10. More pics..make on offer!

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