WTT - silver pocket gillette for restored rubberset boar brush

Discussion in 'The Badger & Blade Marketplace' started by Space, Jul 11, 2010.

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  2. Wow... correct me if I'm wrong, but this set is worth MUCH more than a restored Rubberset brush, isn't it? I wish I had one to trade you.
  3. yeah, I see a nice wooden rubberset handle on ebay that's around $20 shipped. and I've seen butterscotch ones even cheaper. and the boar hair brushes at tgn aren't too much. but I'm also trading for the labor too. I just don't have the time, or the materials to restore a brush. so in that sense it's worth it for me.

    If it is worth a lot and someone is feeling generous and would like to add to the trade. Perhaps a badger hair brush as well as a boar brush. or maybe a puck of MWF or even a bunch of astra blades...

    ...I certainly wouldn't hold it against them.:biggrin1:
  4. That razor is beautiful! I wish I had what you ask!
  5. PM sent with possible trade.
  6. sorry, I updated this to sell, since I made a purchase.

    if the mods could change the title that would be great.
  7. PM sent.
  8. Payment sent! Bring down the gavel and yell out "SOLD!" :thumbup:
  9. ABC set arrived 40 minutes ago, safe and sound. First ABC set I've held in my hands. I shall have more! This set is special as shortly after buying it, the alternator went out in the car.. again, the second time in 2 weeks. Yes, the ABC sets do come with the bad karma of their original 1908 owners! :lol:

    Thanks Paul and thanks B&B. :thumbup1:
  10. You should check your fuse or starter.....myself being a mechanic and working on cars.....that just should not happen. Sounds like A.) you have a wiring problem/short or B.) a blown fuse that is not completely seperated and passes current since, the current is so high in cars (the fuse should be in the engine compartment, test with a DMM on the diode setting). Just my 2 cents

    Great purchase by the way :thumbup1:
  11. The factory Bosch alternator lasted 6 years (car is an '04 Grand Am). I don't think it's a starter or fuse issue. The issue is me being a cheap chump and replacing it the first time with one from the junk yard. That was $50 for the part and $50 for the mechanic compared to $200 for a re-manned limited life-time part and $50 for the mechanic - so that's the route I took. Now instead of paying $200+$50 the first time, I'm in the hole for $100+$250 totaling $350.
  12. Alright I am just making sure you checked out everything to the fullest.

    Reason I say this is because I ran into the same problem and I went through 2 to find out that it was a $5 fuse. Live and learn I guess
  13. Oh no, I wasn't discounting your help. I'll definitely be checking the fuses. I just think it's more of the junk yard part from a '05 Grand Am allegedly with only 8,000 miles on it when they parted it, having sat on the shelf for 5 years before I bought it.

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