WTS Mystic Waters & Barrister & Mann soap + WTT Blades

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  1. I have for sale the following soaps:

    Barrister & Mann - Hallows used twice. This is the '13 Sharpologist entry soap. I like the scent alot however the wife does not give me her blessing.

    Mystic Waters Soap:

    2 tubs of Jeff's Lavender - 1 tub is unused, but the soap has been unwrapped and pressed into the tub, the other tub has had 3 shaves on it. I bought this because of the description, having never used a lavender scent thinking I'd love it. I love the way the soap performs, but lavender just isn't for me.

    1 tub of Eucalyptus Spearmint - has 2 shaves on it, it's a great soap and a great scent, but I'm looking for a more freezing sensation with this kind of scent.

    The soaps are for sale as a lot at $40 shipped.

    ETA: Soap lot is sold pending funds.

    I also have 90 Indian Gillette 7'OClock Permasharps and 50 Personna labs that I'd like to trade for a card of 100 Voskhod blade.
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