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  1. Lads and dads:

    I've been using a straight razor for a month now. For the life of me, I can't go WTG on the front of my neck (in the Adam's apple vacinity). Here, the hair grows sideways. This situation occurs also under my left cheek. Applying my razor to my neck in a WTG possition inevitably means that only the top corner is in contact — and usually trying to dig in to my skin. Granted that I am quite new to this, having only last week decided that I am competant enough to do an XTG on my cheeks, the flat part of my chin and my upper lip (mostly). Still, I suspect that I am missing some thing.

    But what?

    I plead to the readership. Help me achieve a WTG pass on my neck!


  2. I have an area right beside my adam's apple which grows in a swirl. I go ATG, or specifically South to North in this area. It has greatly helped me.

    What I do in this area is go S-N on my 1st pass, then S-N on my 2nd pass, but I pull the skin off towards one side so the hair is at an angle on this 2nd pass...
    Then I go N-S on the 3rd and final pass, keeping the skin pulled tight.

    As always, YMMV.

    And don't give up, it took me a few months to get this technique down, mainly through trial and error.

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