WTB/WTT: C&E Sienna shave cream and/or T&H 1805 A/S balm and cologne

Discussion in 'The Badger & Blade Marketplace' started by cammyfive, Mar 6, 2009.

  1. I believe that today is my magic 45 day marker (wow....how time flies) so I would like to offer a trade......

    I have a C&E Sienna wooden bowl with Sienna soap (approx 85% full) and one refill puck that is about 95% full that I would like to trade for.....

    1) C&E Sienna shave cream in the 5oz glass jar


    2) T&H 1805 aftershave balm and/or cologne

    If my registration date calcuations are incorrect, consider this a 'want to buy' with the trade, but I believe I am now eligible or darned close.
  2. Not a fan of soaps huh?

    Why did you use both the soap in the bowl and the refill puck?
  3. I acquired the refill puck first in a trade and kinda liked it, so I bought (from another member) the matching wooden bowl with a slightly used puck in it. Soaps are okay, but I really love the Sienna cream.

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