WTB/WTT British Gillette #77/#88

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    Fell in love this morning with a very nice, user-grade+ #77. Not in a big hurry, but would like to find a #77/#88 in fine or better condition. Jackpot would be #77 complete set in the green Bakelite case. Please PM if you have or know of one that might be available.

    While I'm here (how do I stay on-topic with this?), there was something like a wreck on the highway here yesterday -- guy with a long list. Hard not to slow down and gawk while driving by. Looked back out of curiosity today and not a sign was left. No skid marks, broken glass, pieces of business table, nothing. Kinda spooky.

    So just to make sure I don't drop a tire in the same track, let me say that I'm willing to pay market value, however that might be fairly established. In fact, I'll pay whatever is fair PLUS $5 ($10 for green Bakelite)!
  2. ChiefBroom

    ChiefBroom Vendor Contributor

    BTW, note the tongue-in-cheek in my avatar. But I'm serious about not expecting to find a steal.
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