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  1. Second hand (miller) vegan strop wanted; Apprentice style OR Artisan version

    I'm a newbie, and will be learning and I just know I'm gonna nick, nick nick, all over the place. So forking out $$ for a new artisan vegan, now the only vegan model, just to wreck it ain't gonna happen.

    I know Tony had a bunch of vegan strops on sale just a little while back. And I was hoping someone, with several strops, might want to sell a used vegan one on to me :) please.

    PM me
  2. I did not know that there are vegan strops! I'll have to remember that since I'm vegan... :w00t:
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  3. Is it made out of tofu? :lol:
  4. yes Dave. But as stated in my original post. I'm a newbie. I am sure to nick it all over, so I want to buy a used one, to learn with.

    Also Tony no longer makes the "Apprentice style" which being a starving student, maybe I could have afforded, new. I don't have $$ to fork out on a vegan artisan. But thanks all the same.

  5. I would talk to Tony directly. Maybe if you promised him you would eventually come back to buy the vegan artisan, he would send you a vegan practice strop.
    Usually his practice strops are 7.50 with an artisan, maybe he will help you out somehow. The thing is, even if you did find one used, they don't really lose their value, ever. So you wouldn't be getting that much of a discounted price from anyone who just bought them.

    TM's strops are REALLY worth their price. Everyone here will tell you that. You might also just be better off waiting until you do have money for an artisan, then I'm sure he would throw in a cheap practice strop as well.

    Either way, shoot him a PM. His handle, no doubt, is Tony Miller.

    Good Luck
  6. Best of luck with your search. I'm currently using the sports section from a couple of days ago, so I can empathize.
  7. how does the sports section work out, stroping wise. Maybe I'll do the same while I save up for an artisan.
  8. Well, you can't shave w/o stropping, so one way or another you'll have to get a strop.

    I am pretty sure there are no 'practice' vegan strops. For leather there are natural blemishes on every hide, so that's a bi-product which also helps keeping the prices of the main line a bit lower (at least that's my understanding). The vegan is a man-made polymer that doesn't have these problems, so no practice strops - you're paying the standard cost of material and labor.

    Good luck finding your strop, but the chances are fairly slim. You hardly ever see people sell their nicked leather strops (they work just the same once you fix them) and there are even fewer with the vegan version.
  9. Truth be told, pretty well. It's definitely working for now, although it takes a little more stropping to get what I imagine to be the same effect as a regular strop. So far, so good. I've read that a legal pad works the same.
  10. BJC


    pm sent

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