WTB: Ted Pella SE blades

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  1. I would like to try some Ted Pella blades for my Gem. I looked and I can only find them in 200 packs.

    I was hoping someone might have some that they don't want, or that they would be willing to sell 10 or so, so that I can try them before I buy them in bulk. Thanks!
  2. Do anyone know which of the blades on the Ted Pella page is good for shaving?, he have lots of types there, and I guess most of it is for dissecting things?
  3. Suzuki

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    The PTFE coated SE blades are good for GEM razors and the PTFE injector blades work in all models of injectors.
  4. I bought some of the Pella coated blades for my Gem from a forum member and they are good. While I was waiting for them to arrive I went to the local pharmacy and bought a pack of Gem blades. Upon receiving the Pellas I found them to be identical in shaving quality and markings. You might try the pharmacy if you have yet to shave with the Gem. I think the pack of blades cost me $6.00.
  5. Good, gotta try order some. If I don't lik Gem razor, well, I can use the blades for scraping paint or someting :lol:
  6. or sell them to me!!! :)
  7. bump - even a couple blades would be greatly appreciated!

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