WTB: Gillette Super Adjustable (Long)

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  1. Hi, I'm a Noob here, Ive been reading the boards this last year to start DE shaving. I have a Merkur HD but need something adjustable to start low and work up. Heard good things about the Gillette Super Adjustable (black long handle). Im looking for under $20 (depending on condition, around $20 if its very good). Doesnt have to be a collectors item, but something everyday worthy and all working properly. Any help appreciated!
  2. tsv


    You've got a PM.
  3. Still looking. The ones I see on the bay are either too dirty or mint condition. I just need one that doesnt need super cleaned but not collectors worthy - and I prefer buying from someone here.
  4. I may have one that meets your requirements, I'll try to post a pic tomorrow
  5. Here are 3 in my collection I'm willing to part with:

    O2 (1969) long handled Super Adjustable
    S1 (1972) short handled Super Adjustable
    a plastic headed one with no discernible date code other than a "3" on the underside - someone probably knows more about the date this one was issued but it's post-1979 I believe

    PM me if you are interested, thanks,

  6. I was just looking through old posts concerning the long black handled Gillette adjustable and discovered this post.

    Do some of these come with a plastic head?

    The three in the pics all look like metal heads, which seems to be at odds with the above quote.
  7. Maybe the black piece underneath is the plastic part...?
  8. yes, the head is still metal, but the part underneath the head, the part that actually "adjusts" and is what the blade sets on, is plastic. And by saying the blades sets on it, if you've ever seen and adjustable, you know what that means with the four "legs" sticking up through the bottom of the (metal) head to move the blade up and down in adjustment. I have one, it happens to be one of my most pristine razors, but I like my all-metal one better.
    I will be posting a pic of mine here in a little bit, stussy, if you haven't already found one.
    and castlebar, I might be interested in the short handled one you have, what might you be asking?
  9. Ah right, thanks for that. I see that now.
  10. Thanks all, ended up getting a cheap one off the bay to try out. I realize everyone here has nice razors that are worth the investment. Ive been picking up some different razors for cheap to see which one I like best. So in the future I can trust someone here will have a nice one to invest in. Now I have to make it through my sample blades for each one...and then my sample creams...and...well you all know the story.

    If he's still selling those pictured, 'Castlebar' does have a good deal, those look mighty nice!

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