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  1. Does anyone know an online source that has Cuir de Russie by Creed in stock? I'm asking on behalf of a friend in Germany, so EU sources are good!


  2. I've spoken to LOTS of e-tailers about this stuff, and nobody seems to have it, sadly. Have not tried (nor do I know of) any EU sources, however...
  3. professorchaos

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    Oddly enough, I was just smelling it in Neiman Marcus. It isn't listed online, but they have it in Boston.
  4. Hmmm.... sounds like a Saturday afternoon visit to Neiman's NorthPark store in Dallas.

    Thanks Henry!

  5. On a semi-related note, I got fed up with waiting on an eTailer to get me some CdR for the split thread, so I found a Neiman who had some and will send it. A bit higher, since I pay tax and shipping, but it's better than a product that doesn't seem to exist for free...)

    I posted full details in that thread.

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