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  1. Okay gents! Since we have so many FP enthusiasts here, I am sure some of you are itching for any excuse to write with your beauties. So what we do is write a story together, paragraph by paragraph. Three words would be too few.

    You have to use a pen or pencil. No computers! Any pen you like. Ballpoint, pencil, fountain pen.. you name it. If you enjoy it, use it! Post a picture of your paragraph, along with a picture of your pen if you want to.

    I'll start!

  2. Thread subscribed for home use. :D You forgot to tell us what the paper was, though! ;)
  3. Fair enough! It was a normal (not expensive) spiral notebook. The cover says 60 grams. I'll be waiting for more updates from you guys!
  4. Here is my entry. I used a Parker Sonnet, J Herbin Rouge Caroubier.

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  5. Fun!
  6. [​IMG]

    Ampad Gold Fibre legal pad
  7. Lamy Nexx (1.1 Italic Nib) with Noodler's Luxury Blue.

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  8. Andy

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  9. [​IMG][/URL][/IMG]

    Platinum Plaisir with 5:00 Shadow...
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  10. I'll play, excuse the handwriting....


    Sheaffer Military clip Vac-fill in Carmine, with Sheaffer Scrip, blue-black
    Staples "Sustainable Earth" note pad

    Pen restored and tuned by *ME*:w00t:
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    Oh well, me again....

  12. Doesn't matter if you post numerous times!

    Here's my new feather pen with ink from J. Herbin. It's a beautiful colour.

  13. [​IMG][/URL][/IMG]
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  14. [​IMG]

    "WASP" Is William A Sheaffer Pen, It was a "second tier" Sheaffer. It features exchangeable nibs similar to an Esterbrook (in direct competition) but the whole nib section, sac and all un-screws, making the pens drop dead easy to restore. They also were very high quality, solidly build, just out of less expensive materials.
  15. Come on guys! Is everyone waiting for their Edisons or what???
  16. I had to resurrect this thread as it was too good. Not having a proper pen, I borrowed my wife's Shakespeare and a legal pad from work. Here goes!


    Edit: Sorry for the crappy cell-phone pic.
  17. Been working on my handwriting since I got my pen about a week ago. Believe it or not, it's improving! :p

  18. [​IMG]
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