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  1. Well after a long wait for my new DE razor (EJ DE89L) and Astra superior stainless, with TOBS sandlewood soap and a best badger I have finally had my first shave and wow what a DFS !!! A few weepers and a small nick (a little bump on my chin which I regularly caught with the Fusion :cursing: ) a little razor burn under my chin (I was getting a bit carried away WTG,XTG,XTG and then ATG stupid thing to do on first shave I know, looking for BBS instead of a CCS) finished with alum and then witch hazel and finally Nivea sensitive aftershave balm.
    I had used Proraso sensitive a couple of times with the fusion:cursing: while waiting for my DE to arrive so it was first time with everything. With hindsight I should have stuck with the proraso and just gone WTG,WTG for my first shave but never mind I was so excited. :w00t:
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    Great ist shave!
  3. Only gets better from here (;
  4. Congratulations on your first DE shave!:thumbup1:
  5. Welcome to you and congratulations on the first DE shave. I was one of the lucky ones to go BBS from day one and I haven't looked back! Enjoy the site and please continue to share your experiences.
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    Glad you enjoyed your first shave.
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    Imagine how great your 1,000th shave will be.
  8. For the first time in as long as I can remember I am actually looking forward to my next shave and working my way through the stack of different blades that I built up while waiting for my razor :drool: and building up a collection of soaps and creams. I have even started the RAD and thinking about my next razor :w00t: possibly an R41?
  9. Congratulations and salutations.

    That area under the neck is a challenge.
  10. Welcome to the group Andy !!!
  11. Makes you feel more confident, and with a new passion, doesn't it?
  12. Great post. Glad you're having fun with it.
    All The Best,
  13. Congrats!!
  14. Congratulations
  15. Welcome. New here myself and new to DE shaving. It will get better, especially since you have had a good experience to start with. I looked forward to and enjoyed my first shave too. Makes you look forward to shaving instead of just having to get it over with.....

    Good luck!

  16. This is only the beginning to daily great shaves. Keep us updated on your progress, congrats.
  17. Congrats and welcome!
  18. Good for you, glad you're here.
  19. Enjoy all your shaves and you'll always remember your 1st
  20. Welcome, you are in for a lifetime of bliss!

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