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  1. I had a sample of Baxter Shave cream and i tried it out 3 days ago. I must say, it is the worst shaving cream i have ever used in my life. It says to use a brush, the cream dosn't lather at all and I had razor burn from top of cheek to bottom of neck......after 3 days of recovering, i shaved this morning with my AOS Lemon....ahhhhh what a nice shave
  2. When it comes to lousy shave creams, *nothing* tops Caswell-Massey, period.

    The C-M is unusable, you can search for older threads for details.

    -- John Gehman
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    Agree the Caswell-Masey is horrible, but even worse in my estimation is the Shea Moisture cream, which also suggests using a brush, but has the consistency and latherability of lard.
  4. I have found that Cade shaving cream is the worst I've ever tried. I got a sample or two from a dedicated store in the airport in Orlando, FL around Feb. 2004. It was, BY FAR, the worst shave I can remember, especially from a "high end" type product.

    I'm fairly new to this site, and someone else asked about Cade shaving cream in another thread a few months ago. An experienced member replied and indicated that there were 3 high-end wetshave products that were universally detested by most experienced wetshavers-and that Cade cream was one of them. I asked in the same thread, but was never answered, as to what the other two universally hated products were.

    The only other product I hate as much as Cade, would be Aramis Lab Series Cream. Rather than use it or Cade again, I'd take my brush and try to lather some dish washing detergent first.

    FWIW, Cade soap is supposed to be top notch.

  5. Method Bloq Shave Cream from Big Lots for $1. Get what you pay for. It was only a buck, so I guess I can't complain, but it is my "worst shave cream ever".
  6. I've got the brush that would lather that dishwater LOL it's a 3 dollar nylon brush that literally explodes anything I take it too, it say's 4711 Sir Germany, it was really harsh at first but has broke in to firm but not stiff and just a bit scrubby:001_smile
  7. It's hard to believe something could be worse than Herben Cowboy.
  8. It's not a cream but I tried a shave soap puck from Whole Foods. WOW!
    I tried it a few times but the stuff was lather-proof! If lather-proof was the goal in making this soap, they hit the nail on the head. I think that's about the time I started making my own soaps.
  9. Dr. bronner's takes the cake this gel should be called shaving water.
  10. Fully agreed. As soon as I saw this thread title I assumed it would be Cade cream. I was unsure if the cream was a joke, especially for the price.

    The soap on the other hand, I really like :thumbup1:, although it does take some getting used to for a good lather.
  11. Avoid Burt's bees cream like the plague! :lol::lol:
  12. Anything Edwin Jagger.
  13. +1 Cade cream is rubbish
  14. Anger, rage, betrayal.

    (Feelings after trying the $8 tube of Burt's shaving cream)

    I havent tried other latherless creams, but they couldnt be worse than Burt's. Shaving with peanut butter would be an upgrade.
  15. The only cream I've tossed so far was ToBS Sensitive Skin. I've tried 5 different ToBS creams and liked them all but this one. Every time I used it I was left with irritation and weepers. The guy that gave it to me said the same thing happened to him. He originally bought it because he has sensitive skin.
  16. Sorry to keep you in suspense. :lol:

    The 3 universally hated wetshaving products are:

    1. Cade Shaving Cream
    2. Caswell Massey Shaving Cream
    3. New formula English Fern

    And as bad as Cade Shaving Cream is, Cade shaving soap is freaking amazing!!
  17. Gee I'm glad I read this, I almost bought some last week!
  18. Burt's Bees is bad, real bad, I should have added Burt's right next to Herban.
  19. Bees aftershave lotion is nice when you get it on sale. I bought a tube for 25 cents at walmart on clearance. should have bought them all but only got one.:blushing:
  20. Really? EJ creams are quite nice I think.

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