World's Cheapest New Razor: The Sik Bay

Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by Komboloi, Dec 10, 2016.

  1. KeenDogg

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    Ugh. Glad you had the FaTip to make the night right!
  2. 1Cal

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    Thank you Adam. :001_smile
    I take it you're just pushing my Fatip buTTon? :laugh:
  3. KeenDogg

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  4. [MENTION=106012]1Cal[/MENTION] sorry this hasn't worked out for you.

    Obviously the QC department at the Sik Bay factory is on extended leave.

    I really had to get a lot of blade curvature to get the cap screwed down.

    If yours is definitely faulty, PM me and I'll send you mine
  5. So I broke out the Sik Bay last night in a mighty contest with the 2011 R41: IMG_7086.JPG
    Really it wasn't a contest at all.
    A bit like the Roedter 1909, the Sik Bay DOES deliver a great shave but in a hideous cheap package.
    And it doesn't quite match the 2011 R41 in terms of closeness because of the guard geometry.

    It's fun though!
  6. You, sir, deserve honourable mention for bravery. Well done!
  7. 1) Braver than me
    2) That has got to be the ugliest razor I've seen.
  8. You are a better man than I am Gungadin!

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