World War Two Supply Room

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  1. I came across this site called world war two supply room. Under the tab of footlocker stuff you'll find many repo's of the era's shave items. I guess he does the repo boxes of these items for Re-enactors when they go away for their weekend encampments.They are not creams, just dummy boxes but they are neat to see none the less.
  2. interesting, I've been to quite a few war reenactments, they are pretty cool. I always did wonder where they got the old stuff from.

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    That's a cool link; thanks for sharing.
  4. Nice to have this if ever the need should arise. Thanks.
  5. You would be amazed at how much "real" (i.e., non-repro) WWII stuff is still out there! The U.S. made gadzillions of tons of stuff, shipped it to every nook-and-cranny on the planet, and then usually left at least half of it in place when they moved on.

    Every now and then, some old warehouse is cleaned out in a backwater location and another treasure trove stash is discovered. I have been in warehouses that had row-upon-row of M1 Garands, Carbines, and other goodies. Happens less and less these days, but it still happens. Also, add in the fact that the remaining WWII vets are all at least in their 80s and are unfortunately departing us by hundreds a day. Many of them still have some of their gear which ends up in their estate.

  6. I have my dad's guns from WW2. M1 Garand, 03-a3, and both of his 45's with web belt and holster.

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