Women using Straight Razors.

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  1. I have a lady friend that mentioned to me that her mother used to use a straight razor for shaving her legs, underarms etc.:ohmy: She also mentioned to me that she would like to use a straight razor. :ohmy: My questions are....Is it common for women to use straight razors and if so what would be the best straight razor for a woman to use? Thanks!:001_huh:

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  2. sounds wild, I say a nice 5/8 1/4 grind :thumbup1:
  3. It's not really "common" for men to use straights either. Just seems that way in here!!
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    Too true.

    I think a huge 8/8 or 9/8 blade would be good shaving legs because these big blades don't need to be rinsed/wiped as often and the legs are a wide open area that would accommodate a huge blade nicely.
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  5. I know a number of women who use straights. Round points seem to be preferrable, because there are lots of grooves around ankles and knees. From what I can tell, blade width and length are personal preference, though it seems that shortened and narrower razors are preferred for harder to reach places.
  6. Most women that I know of who shave their legs lather in sections so it doesn't dry out. As a result, the amount of lather collected is not as excessive as one might think.
  7. Thanks to everyone for your opinions and input. Now I have something to go on as far as a straight razor for a woman. Cheers!
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  9. You really could read just about anywhere in the ladies corner for more information.
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    I've seen a thread with pictures on the French shaving forums and it happens but it's rare...
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    link? :thumbup:
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  13. Brilliant :D Love the duck too :D ;-)

  14. I would think a straight would work quite well for legs, but I can't imagine a woman being able to shave her pits with one.
  15. Get here a pink Feather RG from Classic.
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    I shaved my wifes legs with a straight and she loved it but wont even try it herself.

    +1 on the larger size blade. A lot more area to cover, the reason why she runs through soaps quicker.
  18. I'm a woman and i've been shaving with a straight razor pretty much since the beginning of my high school years (a while back.) I not only shave my legs (both sides of knees, complete back of thigh, bikini area etc.) but i also shave my armpits with it too. I've always used a "standard" blade size because i never found a shorter one that i liked. It's good yoga practice in the tub and since women don't use mirrors to shave it can get a bit tricky sometimes (back of legs and armpits.)

    It's more of a lesson in yoga than in how to hold the blade. After you figure out how to hold the blade for all the angles it's all good if you have the yoga moves. Armpits are interesting since your eye is RIGHT THERE while you shave, but it's really not that horrible.

    How often we have to rinse the blade doesn't matter since we're either in the shower or a tub of water already. Likewise the width of the blade doesn't matter since the used material will just drip off the blade as you go anyway. I found the width also doesn't affect how much ground can be covered at a time since legs are round and you only will shave maybe a .5" to 1" strip at a time (since absolutely no pressure is applied this cannot be altered.)

    I have yet to come across anyone in person who actually uses a straight razor other than me, even my partner (a male) refuses to try it. Due to this fact i would say shaving with a straight razor is more rare than focusing on which sex is more likely to use one.

    Also, don't recommend a pink anything. Pink is purely a marketing strategy to sell more stuff by making more divisions in the market as well as being relatively new (within the last 10 or less years) and is thus more juvenile. It *could* also be read as an ignorant/ sexist assumption that because we have ovaries we thus get weak in the knees from the sight of pink. This isn't true with all women, but best not to chance it, just in case.

    Hope this helps clear some things up. Seemed like you needed some in put from a woman who's been there and done that. I also sent a link to my current razor. It's nothing fancy, but fit the budget for splurging for a new razor when my old ones still work wonderfully.

  19. My 1st straight was a 7/8 Sheffield..she shaved her legs like no ones biz..she never did it again for some reason...meh dats okay
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    Great first post, and welcome!

    How is it that you are immune to razor AD's? Having a old razor that worked never stopped me from getting more :)

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