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  1. Not sure what everyone else calls it, but I grew up calling it wolf hair. I have very soft, fine, blonde/white hair on my ear lobes and outside of the rest of my ear. I never worried about it, but its starting to get out of control.

    I would like to remove it somehow, but am worried about shaving it. Any one else have this condition? If so how do you guys take care of it, do you just shave it?
  2. I think most men eventually have this condition. I use an eyebrow shaper (a small razor blade on a plastic stick) for mine or a fine trimmer will work if you don't want a real blade on your ears.
  3. You're far from alone, I have the same thing and a couple wild ones that grow in the ear as well! My wife usually trims me up with her little micro trimmer. It's a little electric razor, about the size of a fountain pen. Works well on those type of hard to reach places like the ears.
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    +1 Great gadget, high quality, perfect performance, lasts forever, and American-made. Hard to beat that combination.
  6. A friend of mine's dad had a wet shave on holiday (I think this was in Greece or maybe Turkey) and at the end the barber lit a match and singed off the fur from his ears. As long as you are quick, don't put the match actually in your ear and shield your head hair I guess it could work quite well.
  7. Periodically I just yank mine out. I get a pretty big pile of it if I let it go a couple of months! Fine ones that grow on my nose, I tweeze out.
  8. Thanks gents. I think one of those electric jobs would do a nice job. No need to get too close, just gotta trim it.

    The groomate looks kool too, but looks like more of an inside job, might pick one up for my nose.
  9. Yeah, that doesn't seem to be an all too bad idea. Skip to around the one minute mark on the video.

    On another note, I only clicked on this thread because I thought it was in the brush maker's forum:crying:
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