With experience, blades seem less and less critical

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  1. Hmmm. Been at the DE hobby for 2 months and loving it.

    Been through probably a dozen blade types, rotate through 2 pre-shaves, 4 shave creams, and 4 after shave balms, and rotate 3 razors regularly.

    No question, the Merkur beats the other 2 hands-down for consistent quality and enjoyment of shave.

    But, and this is the basis for my question, I'm finding that I am becoming less and less sensitive to the blade I use, aside a very very few (pretty well-acepted) duffers.

    Is this a normal experience?

    I wonder if it might just be due to the much warmer season (I'm in the UK and we're heading into Summer).
  2. I find that I can get on with most blades as my prep and technique have come along way. However, there are a few types that truly suck no matter how good my technique is.
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    Could you be learning to shave better despite the blade? Actually, I don't think the blade is any stumbling block, except that some might be better adapted to whatever technique you happen to favor when learning to shave. Beyond the learning curve, a particular blade might be better suited to the technique you choose to use.

    I've been using a DE for years, so nothing to do with beginner's learning curve, but rather by way of mixing things up and trying new things mentioned on the boards... I found using a dull blade was easier on my face through a full shave when mowing down a few day's growth. I loaded one razor specifically for a first pass on these occasions, then quickly refined this to using that blade for all of my first passes, and eventually ended up using an injector for my first pass. The later passes tend to favor sharper blades. Of course, this is all pretty irrelevant, and if the razors aren't handy, I use whatever is convenient. My choice of blade is a preference, not a requirement, and it changes depending on what I'm doing and with which razor. You eventually get to the point where you can shave with a splinter off a 2x4. You can, but you may choose not to. If the choice of blades starts to seem less important, I'd say you're moving along quite nicely.
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  4. I'd say you are correct! As prep, angle, and the no pressure bit get better and better, the blade doesn't make as much difference. I usually recommend newbies get a blade sampler to find the best blade for their current style of shaving. It is easier to refine skills when one enjoys the tools being used.

    You have made a very cool discovery! Now, on to creams and soaps. It isn't so much the product, but what you can do with it.
  5. Finding a good blade made all the difference for me.
  6. I've found the same thing, as my technique improves I find that I'm able to use almost any blade, with a few exceptions, and get very nice shaves. :thumbup1:
  7. With an improved technique I have found that I can get a decent shave from a lot of blades. I am also able to give my self a consistent shave so it is easier for me to compare different blades and find out what I like best. I think learning technique on one type of blade is very beneficial because if you start messing with different variables too quickly then you cant be certain of why you might be getting poor results. This is just my experience and opinion, of course.
  8. I like the lack of blade choices for SE razors. The store bought ASR made blades are fine. One less variable to deal with. Now if I get a less than perfect shave it's because of the razor or my technique. Nine out of ten times the fault is mine.

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