Witch Hazel for Sensitive Oily skin?

Discussion in 'Aftershaves' started by dax702, Aug 22, 2007.

  1. Do the gurus recommend witch hazel for someone with very sensitive, yet oily skin? If so, which specific witch hazel brand and product should I purchase? Also, what, if anything should be applied after the witch hazel?
  2. I have skin that I believe fits the description of oily and sensitive, and I use either straight witch hazel (Dickinson's yellow label) or the following mixture:

    1 part apple cider vinegar
    1 part brewed green tea
    1 part witch hazel
    2 aspirin

    I mix this up in an 8 oz bottle and apply it as aftershave. Works good without drying excessively, and my face feels more naturally lubricated and textured throughout the day. I don't get a doughy feeling on my cheeks as tends to happen with lotions and I don't get a dry and scratchy feel as I do with alcohol-based after shaves.

    If my face is extra irritated I use straight witch hazel, and for normal days I use my mix. The apple cider vinegar will burn in any cuts or nicks which is why I avoid it in favor of just witch hazel on irritated days.

    I usually don't apply anything afterward, but if my face feels dry I'll put on some Loreal Men's After Shave Lotion SPF 15 that I still have in the cabinet.
  3. Thayers which hazel is the best out there. No alcohol whatsoever. I've tried the lavender and rose and I now use them daily. You should be able to find them either online or at your local GNC.
  4. I picked up some at GNC, smells a little dainty but oh well :)
  5. Oyeah, us DE wet-shavers are "dainty" bunch all right. The straight razor guys are even "daintier"....LOL
  6. LOL - what is this supposed to mean??? (I am a straight razor guy)


  7. Just couldn't resist to opening. It was big enough to drive one of them there big Australian triple Semi's through !!!

    Actually, as to the original ???. Witch Hazel is really great on sensitive skin. But get the kind that has no alcohol. Many of the cheapo drugstore brands are like 14% alcohol & you don't want that version of the product.

    Fact, if your skin is sensitive just stay away from products that contain alcohol...LOL, unless you're gonna drink it & then go 1st Class with the good stuff !!!
  8. My skin is somewhat oily and I use Thayer's Rose Witch Hazel fairly often without any problems.

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