Witch hazel doesn't sting?

Discussion in 'Aftershaves' started by mr. s, Dec 2, 2010.

  1. I just picked up some witch hazel for the first time and used it for my shave this evening. I have been using an alcohol splash for a while now, but I figured the W.H. was cheaper for regular use. I was surprised that it did not sting at all. It made me feel like it was not working.

    I assumed that is was just as good as alcohol, is this true?
  2. ymmv but actually it is BETTER than plain alcohol....unless I have been incredibly careless wh doesn't sting and tones the face etc.
  3. Witch Hazel only has 14% alcohol and is more for use as an astringent/toner than an aftershave splash. It will have less burn as well.
  4. I will give you a little sting sometimes, but it works great.
  5. What exactly is a TONER?
  6. it cleanses and removes excess oil as well as 'tightening' it via (as I understand it) closing of the skin pores
  7. I think the word "toner" was an invention of the cosmetics industry.

    I think in the old days they had "waters". Some of these were true hydrosols. I think you can buy rose hydrosols today. Hope I spelled it right.

    However, to me the word "toner" usually means witch hazel or something made with witch hazel (in the astringent class).
  8. Some Witch Hazels have alcohol and some do not. The one you purchased may not have alcohol. I use both from time to time and enjoy some of the Witch Hazels that have a mild scent.

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  9. hmmm.....I have Thayer's alcohol free "Toner" that never stings and several Thayer's "Astringents" that have alcohol and always sting a little. I usually splash on the atringent first, let it dry, and then apply the toner by rubbing it in.
  10. I just shaved and applied my witch hazel(alcohol free Thayers)as usual followed by Speick AS splash. So here's a question. What exactly is the benefit of alcohol used after shaving? Why do splashes actually contain alcohol at all? Wouldn't a non alcohol formulation be possibly superior?
  11. Thayers Medicated stings when you have a rough shave
  12. The alcohol is an astringent. It kills any bacteria that may be there.
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    yah, mine doesnt sting either. but i still get that tight feeling, so I know its working
  14. The alcohol helps keep it shelf stable at room temperature (so it lasts at the store and when you get it home).

    Also, since alcohol evaporates fairly quickly it can deposit the other ingredients on your face.

    There are non-alcohol splashes available but I don't know if Speick offers one.
  15. The brands you buy here in the uk don't contain any alcohol, though you can buy "higher strength" w/h at some stores, I have also bought thayers on line, and apart from thayers having a nice scent, I have never noticed any differance, also on about toners, a lot of mens grooming sites offer "mens facial toners", and most of these include w/h in the ingrediants, boots the uk high street chemist has a mens toner for sale, has does clinique!

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