Wing Sung fountain pens.

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  1. Since Gold Dollar/Double Arrow str8s have turned out to be so good I took a chance and purchased a few Wing Sung fountains after I dropped my Omas the other day in the airport. Wing Sung has a lot of models and the 616 (large) looks and feels just like the Parker 51 (I have two I used to compare.) I bought two of the 616 (black and burgundy) and both write and feel excellent. These are bottle fill, you squeeze the stem to fill, no adapters or cartridges which is awesome. Very inexpensive for a good product. The Chinese are really stepping up their game. Highly recommended.
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  2. Best place to buy? Montgomery pens??
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    isellpens stocks them.
  4. I use the HERO ones (same numbers ?) in my office. I buy them by the dozen. Great pens.
  5. Why would you buy fountain pens by the dozen? Is there something wrong with them?

  6. Todd Nussbaum at isellpens is great to deal with. As far as why buy ten or a dozen, sometimes he sells at bulk making the price per pen less expensive. These are great pens.
  7. the Hero and wing sun Parker 51 copies are good pens and great value when you look at the price of them. If I lose one of these, I won't have a fit like I did when I lost my blue diamond P51. :cursing:
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    Yep, I have some Hero 616's which I keep at work so my 51's don't walk away. I too think they are great value. In fact they have cured my 51AD.
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    Everybody Wing Sung tonight.

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    Goodness. I never saw the ISELLPENS website. Many lovely pens.
  11. Good one LOL.
  12. No, but I have people working for me and I need about 6 for myself (one on every desk I work on in the office and one in every bag I have). And by the dozen they come cheap...(about 1 euro a piece, shipping included, there are 10 in a package btw: 6 green, 2 black, 2 burgundy).
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  13. Just discovered them in a small little town in East Malaysia.. Wing Sung #235. A clone of the Sheaffer Imperial. At USD1.76, I grabbed 3. Was writing with it just now, filled with vintage Parker Quink Solv-x Blue Black ink. Wonderful.
  14. Big +1 on the 616s.

    I have a Hero at work as my desk pen and I just bought a second as a backup. They are great writers and there's no stress about losing them since they're so inexpensive.
  15. So, fellow Haberdashers, let me chime in here.

    The day this thread popped up, I had dropped my Mont Blanc that I had for about twenty years and cracked it. Worse than that, it was the second time it had happened and the second at both ends.

    This past weekend I got around to visiting I SELL PENS and looked through the inventory with the intention of ordering some Wing Sung pens. I enjoy taking notes with a fountain pen but I really don't want to further damage the old Mont Blanc by using it as the daily workhorse.

    I ordered Monday night and tonight I had a package waiting for me with three Wing Sung pens (380, 818 and 233) as well as matching Bookworms, a fountain and a rollerball (675).

    I really like the Wing Sung considering how inexpensive they are. Two were great and seem like very expensive pens but the 233 is a little too light weight and, frankly, seems cheap. But, considering the price, I am not complaining.

    The Bookworms, are fantastic! Heavy and feel great...they write well and, while this particular model is adorned and seems a little flamboyant, I like them!

    Todd was great. He sent me a "thank you" email and a hand written note (what else?) in the package.

    Thank guys for pointing me in this direction. Only problem is, it's another place to spend!
  16. Very timely thread. I've just bought a Hero fountain pen to keep in my desk at work.
  17. I've just worked out that I've now got to buy an ink well :glare:

    In that case I may as well buy a nice antique / vintage desk set :lol:
  18. You will love it. :thumbup1:
  19. I have been looking through the Isellpens web site and sent an email asking a few questions about the type of ink needed for a few of the pens. Being new to the ountain pen world (as of a week ago) I am unsure of what to do about the ink. I am guessing the cartridge of ink you just put into the pen till it runs out then replace with a new one. Where the ink in bottles you keep refilling the pen from that. My question is can any fountain pen use the ink cart. so I dont have to refill anything? Also I have read that noodlers ink is better to have for left handed people due to the faster dry times is that correct? One last questions if I order a roller ball from them does it come with the first ink stick? I would like to order 5 or 6 pens today but need to tighten up a few minor details )
  20. I can't give you a guide to all pens, but the Wing Sungs I bought all needed filling from a bottle of ink. The Bookworm had a removable cartridge that could be filled from a bottle but also could be replaced with an ink cartridge. I had a box of blue Waterman's so I plopped on of those in.

    The Bookworm RB had a rb cartridge in it.

    I used the Bookworm fountain in a meeting today. The weight is just a little off from the Meisterstuck but not by much. I will get used to it and the looks are fantastic!


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