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    Parker recently released two Open Comb razors. I ended up adopting one (The Parker 24C) and am extremely impressed with it. It weighs in at a hefty 97g, has a sure grip, great balance and it delivers a very smooth shave. The tines of the open comb are rounded and thus, it is smooth on the face. I would characterize the shave as moderate or perhaps slightly on the mild side -it is definitely more aggressive than an Edwin Jagger razor but perhaps a shade less aggressive than a Merkur 38C. Don't let the mildness fool you though -it will leave your face stubble free and smooth.

    I am so impressed with this razor that I would like to hold a drawing for one of the Parker Open Comb razors. The winner, who will be selected by random list generator, will be able to choose which Parker Open Comb razor he or she would like -either the chrome handled 24C or the black handled 26C.

    In order to enter the contest, simply reply to this thread with an "I'm in" between March 7th and March 22nd. The winner will then be selected on the morning of March 23rd.

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  2. I've been wanting to try an open comb - this is perfect! I'm in!
  3. I'm in!
  4. I'm in
  5. I'm in.

    I have a shavette, but would love to try a safety razor.

  6. I'm in
  7. I'm in!
  8. I'm in.
  9. Roderick

    Roderick Contributor

    I'm in! Thank you.
  10. I'm in!
  11. The Accountant

    The Accountant Contributor

    I'm in! Beautiful razor.
  12. I'm in!
  13. I'm in. Thanks.
  14. I'm in
  15. I'm in!!
  16. I'm in! Great looking razors! Very generous!
  17. I'm in! Good luck everyone!
  18. I'm in, woo hoo! I like all the fun stuff bullgoose does for their customers
  19. Very generous of you, I'm in!
  20. I'm in.

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