Williams experts needed, I just scored some vintage Williams shave cream, thoughts?

Discussion in 'Shaving Creams' started by SuperChris, Jun 4, 2012.

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  2. While Vintage Shaving Soaps can be some of the best ever made, I don't think I would ever use a vintage shaving cream.

    Shaving soap doesn't really change over time besides losing it's scent. Shaving Cream on the other hand goes rancid, and breaks down. There also may be questionable ingredients in it, that won't be allowed in a product today.

    Most concerning though, is that the tube itself might contain lead: Sorry, but I am not putting a product that has been in contact with lead for 50 years anywhere near my face!!
  3. The lead risk would not worry me so much. I probably had more exposure before it was phased out of gasoline. I would not even mention solder vapor, paint dust, and old water pipes, except that I just did.

    Squeeze out a little cream and give it a sniff test. If it passes, try a test lather with a cheap brush. If Cthulhu fails to manifest, try a shave. Whatever happens, let us know.
  4. $27 shipped for two full Old Spice pucks is actually reasonable considering that some of them are going for $30 a puck right now. As for the Williams tube I would keep the tube for display but probably not use it. I think Glastonbury tubes stopped production in the 60's (pucks were produced there into the mid 70's).
  5. I have used some of the vintage Williams SC. Had to cut the tube open as it was really dried out. However, it smelled fine and looked good if really dried. Put it in a bowl and slowly rehydrated it by adding a tiny bit of water at a time. Once rehydrated, I went ahead and tried it out. The SC worked great! Got wonderful shaves with it and no apparent damage to the old face either.

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