Will modern Gem SE blades fit...

Discussion in 'Safety Razor Blades' started by drews50, Feb 24, 2011.

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    It varies - some of the lather catchers will accept & employ modern SE's quite well. Others take only the old stroppable wedge blades. I don't know I've seen a comprehensive description of which do & which don't, if you have a pciture of a particular lather catcher someone may be able to tell ..
  2. Modern blades fit my 1901 Gem Junior Bar LC and 1905 Ever Ready LC. ALthough they were designed for stropping and re using wedge blades.
  3. COmplete with wooden handle. Nice one Willyb
  4. Willyb-

    I don't have a clue as to blades or how that razor would shave, but its AWESOME as a display piece!
  5. garyg

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    That one will work with a modern blade, assuming both blade stops are there (can't really tell about the one on the left in the picture, the back tab snaps down securely on the spline, and the two spring holders on the sides hold the blade down properly. The little tool is the stropping holder used on the old-time blades ..
  6. THanks for the comments! I may part with that razor soon, but would hate to see it go. It may go in trade for a straight soon.

    Regarding the razor in question...
    Those "kidney" shaped tabs hold the side of the blade down, the end teeth on the comb hold the cutting edge down, and the flap on the top of the head holds the blade securely in place.

    As previously mentioned, that other piece is meant to hold a wedge blade while you strop it.

    A modern blade should work just fine in that razor.
  7. Thanks guys, I appreciate your expertise. I'll try getting this razor. Like mentioned, when not in rotation it will look great on display.

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