Wilkinson Sword Trac II/Atra Combo Carts @ Wal-Mart

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  1. As you may know, Wal-Mart is replacing the entire Personna line they used to stock with products from Wilkinson Sword (aka Schick).

    There are new Wilkinson Sword double edge blades, disposables, Atra/ Trac II combo carts, and a new cartridge razor called the Wilkinson Sword Tech 3.

    Here are pictures of the new Wilkinson Sword Trac II/Atra combo carts. They were $3.54 for the 10 pack, same price as the Personna were.

    These blades are made in China.

    I decided to buy a pack to try them out, but it will be a few weeks before I get a chance to try them out. :tongue_sm


  2. As long as Dollar General is still selling the Trac II/Atra combo blades I won't need these Chinese Wilkies :biggrin1:
  3. I use my Atra/ Trac II typically one a week, twice a week at most. I have about 40-50 carts for them. Enough for some 4+ years. :lol::lol:
  4. I'd like to know how the Chicom Wilkie carts shave. I'm a big fan of the ASR Atra carts. I hate that Beijing mart quit carrying them and the ASR DE blades. I like the ASR Atra carts better than the Gillette Atra carts, and not just because of price, though that doesn't hurt. I need to try some ASR Sensor carts. They're a lot cheaper than Gillette Sensor carts. Though, at about 17 bucks for 10 carts, the Gillette Sensor carts are still a lot cheaper than the FUsion carts. Plus, I get a better shave from the Atra and Sensor than from the Quintuplet carts.
    What next, no VdH soap at wally world? Perish the thought. At this rate, AV will be gone from their shelves as well(shudder).
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  5. I intend to giving these a try as well, even though the Dollar General Dorks work pretty good, for headshaving.
  6. They replaced the Personna DE blades too :,(
    Those were my go-to backups and i've only got a pack left. Looks like i'm going to their website.

    I bought a pack of their wilkonson swords 10-pack DE's for the price of a pack of gum so i'm gonna give those a run for their money before I pull the trigger on personnas website.
  7. My local wally world doesn't even have the Wilkie DE blades. Just the Tech3 carts.:angry:
    I'll have to ck a few more to see If I can find the DE blades and Atra carts. The carts sure look like a ripoff of the ASR Atra carts, which I like very much.

    How much do the Dollar General carts cost, and how many carts come in a pack?
    Are they just the ASR cart 10 packs sold under the DG name? That would be good.
  8. The Dollar General carts (which are also Trac II/Atra combo carts) are six for $1.25 (.21 cents each). They are made in Korea by Dorco. :001_smile
  9. I've got a stock of about 100 total CVS and Personna "Atras", which, considering how seldom I use them, should last me forever. Could certainly use a better Trac II compatible, though. The Personna Twin II is kind of rough.
  10. I tried the Wilkinson Twin II. It is a poorly designed razor cartridge. After about 4 passes with plenty of stubble remaining, I gave up. It appears to be designed so that it's hard to cut yourself, which also makes it impossible to get a close shave. :thumbdown:thumbdown
  11. Some have quit selling Vdh.
  12. VDH Deluxe is still available at Wal-Mart here. The cool kit with brush and mug is gone though.
  13. I found some Trac II carts at a local independent dollar store, as I don't have Dollar General in my area. They're packed in a pretty generic looking bubble card, with graphics copyrighted in the 80's. It says Made In Korea on the back. Would you say that these are most likely Dorco blades?

    They also had some Chinese Trac II carts in different packaging. Those looked really sketchy; the alignment of the blades was inconsistent and the plastic parts of the cart were warped or twisted on some of them. I steered clear of those.

    As long as I can get the Korean blades, I'll probably skip the Wally World blades unless they turn out to be the bees knees of Trac II carts. The initial observations don't seem to indicate that they are, though.
  14. I bought a pack after reading about them a couple of places. I don't have many shaves under my belt with them yet, but I'll tell you how I like them so far...

    I thought they were the smoothest Trac II blade that I've tried yet, the other two being DG Dorcos and Personnas. These blades have the lube strip, and suffer from that gooey mess that Schick blades seem to make. I see what Norm was saying about the blades being designed as nick-proof as possible, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. If you want a BBS, these blades probably aren't your best friend, but if you want to speed shave and come out with a damn fine shave with no nicks or weepers then you should do just fine. Also, because of their light-handed nature, my irritation with these has been considerably less than with the other TII carts I've tried.
  15. Some are completely replacing it with that one Target sells, and others are selling both.
  16. Ditto. Too smooth to have any bite. Switched back to Personna.
  17. Just tried these last night, had an issue attaching the first one to my new razor handle, generic nice looking razor that came with stand and brush, cannot say issue is with cartridge or with the handle. Shaved fairly well but not any better than my go to Schick slimtwin razors that I have been using for 15 years.
    I will update after more experience has been gathered with the cartridges.
  18. Just thought I would add a little review I did in another thread. I'm on my very first cartridge, so I suppose it's possible that I just got lucky, but I was very pleasantly surprised with this cart. BTW, I didn't have the problem with the shave not being close enough.

  19. These are the best cartridge I have found to use for shaving my head with my headblade. They work absolutely fantastic in the headblade, smooth and comfortable shave with great results.

    Tried them once on an Atra handle for my face and was not terribly impressed with the results, not sure if that was because I was rushing through my second shave of the day before heading out for the evening or something else. They just didn't seem to want to knock down the stubble. I may give them another shot sometime when I am travelling or running late and don't have time for the DE.
  20. I like them better than the Personnas. Well, better than the Personnas Wal-mart was selling right before they were discontinued. I used the Personnas for years and loved them. But for some reason, the past year the quality went downhill. The Wilkinsons are great. I use 'em on both my TracII and Atra. Mostly TracII.

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