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  1. As you may know, Wal-Mart is replacing the entire Personna line they used to stock with products from Wilkinson Sword (aka Schick). There are new Wilkinson Sword double edge blades, disposables, Atra/ Trac II combo carts, and a new cartridge razor called the Wilkinson Sword Tech 3:

    The Blades are even made in the USA!!


    The Wilkinson Sword Tech 3 cost $5 with two cartridges, and replacement carts are $5 for a 4 pack ($1.25 each), so quite economical.

    The pivot style is similar to that on a Sensor, but the attachment point is much wider than that of the Sensor, and even wider than that of a Schick Hydro.

    The cartridges will thus only work with the Tech 3 handle.

    In the interest of trying out new things, I bought both the razor, and a refill pack. I will take them for a whirl this coming week. :tongue_sm
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  2. I saw those last week at Beijing mart. Do they fit Atra? Sensor?
    It that handle takes Atra carts, it could be a great way to get an Atra handle.
  3. The pivot style is similar to that on a Sensor, but the attachment point is much wider than that of the Sensor, and even wider than that of a Schick Hydro.

    The cartridges will thus only work with the Tech 3 handle.
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  4. I saw the cartridges a few days ago, but no handles at the local WM. They might not have put them out on display when I was there. I'm interested in trying one out for headshaving.
  5. I noticed my Wal-Mart had some of the handles hanging up on the shelf (next to a Fusion), but there were more handles in the wire bin by the floor, that typically holds disposables. Huh?? :blink::blink:
  6. I haven't had great luck with headshaving using carts. They clog up too fast.
    That and my hard head tends to dull them quickly.

    If I had read your post completely, I would have seen the part about only fitting the Wilkie handle.
    Here's to hoping you get great shaves from them. I may try their Atra carts, after you report on them, of course.:biggrin1:
  7. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that I think that is just a rebranded Schick Extreme3. The blade design looks identicle, and the handle looks similar, but I've never seen one that wasn't a disposable. I got the nastiest razor burn from Extreme3's.

    I think Wilkinson is trying to rebrand there stuff here in the US because the Schick brand can't compete with Gillette. We probably won't really see a lot of new stuff, just the same stuff with different labels.
  8. Monday August 23rd 2010

    Wilkinson Sword Tech 3
    Omega Boar Brush
    C.O. Bigelow SC
    Generic Witch Hazel
    Aqua Velva Ice Sport

    Took the Tech 3 razor for it's first spin this morning. Got a really nice shave in two passes (WTG, and XTG).

    This razor does suffer from the same slimy goo issue that the Schick Hydro suffers from, but not quite to the same degree.

    First impressions are that this is a nice enough razor but no better than the Trac II/ Atra, and not as good as the Hydro.

    Interesting though, is that the entire head of the cartridge flexes, not just the blades.
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  9. Really? I think in the US, an established name like Schick would compete better against Gillette than a hardly-heard-of-in-the-US-by-people-outside-shaving-forums name. And do I win something for the longest hyphenated description? :lol:

    I mean, I hadn't heard anything about Wilkinson Sword until I found B&B but I knew the Schick name for many years.

    It's sad really that Mall-Wart stopped carrying Personna. I use the Personna Matrix3 for my cartridge shaving needs. Thankfully I can still get the carts from the new Personna web site, with free shipping.
  10. 73mountaineer

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    I almost bought one of these yesterday for travel, but went with the Hydro 3 instead. I would like to see the Tech 3 be a good performer because the price makes it pretty economical, but the Hydro isn't too bad either.

    - Steve :001_cool:
  11. Actually I wonder if they are using the unheard of Wilkinson Sword name so as to not cause an association in the customer's mind that Schick = Wilkinson Sword.

    The latest, and greatest cartridges cost a lot of money, and even the new Schick Hydro costs a decent amount of money. Maybe it's better that the customer doesn't know that Schick can sell a product for far less money, and still turn enough profit to make it worth their while.
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    My bet is on this being more true than anything else. They are marketing WS as their "economy" line without customers thinking of Schick as a "cheapo" brand compared to Gillette. It makes sense & I can't think of any other reason for their Wilkinson Sword brand to pop up on our shelves all of a sudden, especially when it is limited to only the least expensive items in their product line.

    - Steve :001_cool:
  13. I think they are using the Wilkinson name for other reasons. Next time your in a Target store check their razor aisle. The last 3-4 I have been in have had half a section of Shick and half a section of Gillette. By using Wilkinson Sword branded they get to have a seemingly exclusive brand that Target doesn't have. From a marketing stand point makes perfect sense!

  14. i saw what looked to be packages of tech3 disposables in the wire bin

    i may give the tech 3 a try at some point
  15. Grabbed one today and will give it a spin tomorrow morning on the melon. Seems to be pretty well built, nice amount of grippy rubber on the handle.
  16. Wilkinson Sword is certainly not unheard-of. This is a popular brand and well known in the US. They were one of Gillette's main competitors for DE blades for many years.
  17. Den


    I'll have to check if they're in the Wal-Mart in my area. One of the things I like the most about this new hobby is there's lots of cool stuff to try that won't break the bank.
  18. +1

    I would be totally content shaving with a Trac II the rest of my life, but it's the excitement of new products that makes this hobby interesting. :tongue_sm
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  19. Interesting......
  20. You're all slowly putting the death nail into Gem/Personna. Don't buy this Schick in disguise. If they don't move off of Mall-Wart's shelves, they will kick 'em to the curb and bring back Personna.

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