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  1. Evening all,
    Recently getting into real shaving, I picked up this from my recently departed father's belongings.
    (Apologies for the crappy cell phone pic)

    The box is chromed and unadorned.
    The strop inside the razor-rest seems intact.
    I've been looking all around the forum for Wilkinson SEs - the only ones I see are the Empires - with adjustable knob at the back (this has none) and the roller type guard at the front (this has a straight guard)
    The razor has one slightly rusty wedge-type blade.
    The only marking are on the underside of the head, just a "Wilkinson" and a "Made in England"

    Help in identifying this wee beastie would be much appreciated!

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  2. Ooooh, nice! I can't help you with info but I know I would enjoy having something like that!
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    Funny, I was just going to start a thread about my new Wilkinson Empire. Yours is an Empire, just a different version. Very similar to this one.

    Here is the set I just picked up.

  4. i bought one of these recently, i'm amazed by the level of engineering that went into it, what with the roller shafts, the rivets, and the tooth driven gears, plus mine has the little screw on the rear for adjusting the roller, definitely cool pieces :)

    it really is too bad when we don't realize to ask our fathers or grandfathers about these marvelous things before it's too late :blue:
  5. Exactly similar to that one!
    So looks like a later (1952 ish), slightly simpler Empire model.

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  7. Thanks - my google-fu was lacking - especially without know the numbers.
    Know I know how to use the strop too.

  8. you can use Gem SE blades inside this razor, just cut the back of the blade to adjust it into the razor ;)
  9. I have one of those plus a couple of 7 day models as well as a Pall Mall model. That little screw actually adjusts the blade exposure, from mild to very aggressive. They are put up right now so I am not sure if it moves the roller or the actual blade holder&blade, not that it matters as the end result is the same.

    The Pall Mall is interesting as the handle is partially a ribbed plastic or bakelite material, metal is silver plated and the wide thick blades are entirely exposed on top of the razor making it more like a straight razor. Loosen a knob one the end of the handle and the angle of the razor head relative to the hand can be adjusted to several different angles via some ratchet notching .

    I have gotten pretty good results by honeing the blades. Put a little piece of electrical tape one the back edge(spine) of the blae then hone on increasingly finer stones then strop a good bit
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  10. I was watching a wedge blade and razor Wilkinson 7 day set sell on Ebay..everything was MINTY!..went over $225

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