Why wear a rotation of colognes ?

Discussion in 'Fragrance' started by Bass301, Nov 12, 2010.

  1. I am new to the world of colognes .

    Reading several posts on this forum , I notice many posters refer to having a rotation of colognes rather than wearing just one scent.

    (1) How long do most users wear one cologne before continuing to the next one in their series ? A day , week , month ?

    (2) If already in a committed relationship with a significant other ,
    wouldn't wearing a single personal signature scent make more sense than wearing different scents on different days . weeks / months ?

    (3) If not in a committed relationship with a significant other, does wearing a series make sense because different women react differently to different scents ? If using a rotation which includes a cologne which a newly met female does not like , at least the guy will not smell bad to her ALL the time if using others in a rotation on other days when seeing her.
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    I usually change daily, depending on my mood and planned activities.

    Do you wear the same shirt & pants every day? There's no reason to wear the same scent every day, regardless of the relationship.

    If your only reason for wearing a scent is to attract (or keep) women, then that might make sense. Personally, I wear scents because I like them.
  3. You left out one option: if you have a rotation of significant others, then it helps to rotate your colognes.

    JK, I think I speak for most of the gents on here when I say that we wear colognes more for our own enjoyment than for the sake of the people around us (although my wife is anosmic, so my decisions in this regard are sadly less complicated than those of the other guys).
  4. I try to match colognes with the occasion, if possible.

    The biggest reason I mix things up is because whenever I have worn the same cologne for an extended period of time, I start not being able to enjoy the scent myself, as I have grown used to it as it "fades" into the background.

    I hope some of that made sense. :blushing:

  5. Fragrances affect your nose like food. If you had your favorite meal all the time you would get bored of it. A lot of the people on this forum are enthusiasts. They buy scents they like and collect them like a hobby. If you've found your favorite scent and it doesn't bore you then that's perfectly fine, and cheaper.

    The typical enthusiast will buy MANY colognes (though it's smarter to try lots of samples before buying). After a time of usage certain scents will "speak to you" in certain seasons and you'll find you can wear them more often than the rest of your collection. At that point you'll start narrowing down your choices and purging fragrances from dozens to the ones that can be enjoyed over years. Eventually you'll end up with 4 -10 main ones and stick with that. It's all about curiousity and advertising. Many scents advertise as if they are so great but many smell similar and the differences won't make you want to buy everything. You'll start pairing down your choices (hopefully with samples). This is the same for shaving products and most anything.

    My advise is to explore with samples and really wear them (buy samples of 1 - 5 ml). Once you've sampled alot of the best niche fragrances, award winners and mainstays you'll know which ones you want to own and which ones are only good but not great (in your opinion).

  6. Te point of cologne isn't to attract women, it's to make you feel good about yourself.

    If that happens to be attractive to women, so be it! :thumbup1:
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    I wear a different fragrance each day because I like to. My rotation tends to change from summer to winter, but quite a few of my scents work all year round.
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    To some, myself included, fragrance collecting is a hobby just like any other activity that people are interested in. There are so many different fragrances out there that it's a lot of fun to explore.
  9. +1- I have about 12 bottles of fragrance on my dresser. I use whatever one seems to feel right for that day; it changes almost daily.
  10. You're thinking too much. You are making this WAY too complicated. Wear as many or as few as you please: for any reason or no reason at all.
  11. +1 on all accounts!
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    Today is my administrative day. No meetings with clients and no interaction with staff. I am working out of my home. On these days, I still use a cologne I like.
  13. Everything else here involves a rotation, so why not cologne. If there's one thing I've learned from my few months on B&B, it's that variety is the spice of life. Who cares what others think. I'm having too much fun with this new hobby to even worry about that!!!!

  14. Boredom
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  16. I can't decide on just one fragrance, and even if I could I would probably grow tired of it if I wore it every time.
    I just pick whatever feels right that day.
  17. People go for a carousel of scents for the same reason people like myself choose to go with one signature scent...simply because we like to. Just go with whatever you're feeling pallie.
  18. I dunno, I think different scents fit in different occasions. That's how I wear colognes. I really only use two right now. The heavier, musky Burberry The Beat in the evening, and a lighter, citrusy Lacoste during the day.
  19. Olfactory fatique is the biggest strike against wearing the same fragrance day-in, day-out. Eventually you and those around you will fail to register that you're wearing anything at all, they'll have become so used to the scent. Considering the price of most of the stuff out there, that's not good.

    I have about 12 scents that get the shuffle primarily according to which season it is, and often depending on the weather itself. A couple weeks ago I had to break my daily regimen of Yatagan because it was pouring rain. Out came Puig's lavender water. You get the idea.

  20. Agree that's why have 22 on my dresser right now. Granted 15 are sample sizes.

    Variety is the spice of life!

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